7 Awesome Notebooks That Will Inspire Your Inner Writer

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One topic this is near and dear to us here at B&L is writing. Sometimes, there really is nothing better than to sit down with your notebook in a coffee shop in a country where you’re a stranger and just write. The power to communicate effectively is awesome – and developing it more and more is something that we are passionate about.

Bruce is a confident writer who can definitely improve, while Lisa is certainly more on the “timid” side. Like her, you might be overwhelmed, embarrassed, or feel that you don’t have great ideas to write about. That’s totally normal. You can check out tips to becoming a better writer if you are feeling that same way. To get you writing, here’s a tip based on one of those tips from our experiences: Find your workshop. 

One of the best pieces of advice we can give – and why we’re writing this article on notebooks – is that every writer starting out needs a proper place to put their thoughts. We like to refer it to as your “workshop”.

Your workshop is where all the magic happens. It could be a physical notebook, but it could also be your computer or tablet. Either way – find that place that you always write in. When you sit down and sit in front of that thing or place – you can train your mind to say “it’s time to write”.

Notebooks make great workshops. When you have a physical place that you can store all your ideas in, the paper becomes worth more than the cost of the notebook. The ideas between the covers begin to reflect who you are as a person. Bruce has had a few workshops over the years – and here are a few that we’ve owned before.

Durable Leather Journal

Bruce is onto his third travel journal. He can’t tell you how glad he is to have listened to advice over a decade ago to keep a journal when you travel. You forget so many things – the people on the bus, the details of the city trip, the meal you tried in the airport. Writing about these smaller things makes them spring back to life, transporting you to the exact time and moment it happened.

Bruce’s current travel journal is a leather-wrapped one just like this one. It’s durable for throwing into his backpack when he’s on the go and he knows the pages are well protected. Just get yourself a trusty pen and you’ll be all set. This one has no lines which, depending on your style, can be a good or bad thing! If you’re a doodler, this might be for you.

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Ruled Notebook with Pen Holder

A flat notebook can be great for throwing into your bag and grabbing on the bus, train, wherever to jot down your ideas. This one is great because your pen is never far from the journal.

If we had a nickel for every time we had an idea and had to rummage through our bag to find a pen, we’d be millionaires. Okay, not a millionaire – but we’d have enough money for another pen, that’s for sure!

Point is – having a ruled line notebook with a pen nearby at all times is a great way to keep your workshop with you.

Eco-Friendly Cork Cover Notebook

Here’s a great notebook for the eco-friendly readers and/or people who care about the environment. This great notebook has a cover that is made from sustainable cork! The feel of the cover is like leather but it’s actually cork!

This notebook lays flat at 180 degrees – meaning when you open it, both covers touch the table easily. Bruce has a personal preference for notebooks that lay flat because of his wrist and the way he writes but it’s totally up to you if this is necessary or not.

Refillable Tree of Life Notebook

Since Bruce ends up going through so many notebooks, a refillable one might have been a good buy a few years back! Here’s one you might like. Lisa loves the tree design of this one. It’s funny because Lisa’s notebook is actually very similar to this one. The best part? If you run out of paper – you can easily order paper refills that swap into your notebook’s covers! Click here to order the refills!

The Classic Five Star Notebook

We all had Five Star books when we were kids in school. Did we just age ourselves? Oh well – we’re proud to be a paper and pen kinda student! If you want the classic feel of a wire binding that can go anywhere for quick notes or grocery lists even – this is the book for you.

Moleskine Organizer Notebook

Bruce also has a Moleskine exactly like this one in blue. It doesn’t fold flat (probably the only drawback) so he uses it for lists making and planning/schedule-making. But if it’s all he has he’ll toss a few ideas into it and bring them to his workshop later on in the day when he gets a chance to go through the notebook. It’s small and super durable because the hardcover is, well, very hard!

The Little Black Notebook

Sometimes – simple is better. The strong elastics keep the notebook closed in your bag which is nice. These notebooks are sold as a pair for cheap if you know you’ll need the extra book or it also makes a great gift for you and your partner to encourage you to write on your next adventure!

And there you have it – a few of the best notebooks to get your inner writer going. In the end, as we said, buying a notebook is a great first step because it can allow you a place to put your thoughts.

You won’t become an expert writer overnight – but your very own notebook will be waiting for you to slowly fill the pages. At your own pace. Someday, you’ll look back on your first notebook filled and think – “wow, I wrote a lot!” Just something to think about.

Let us know how you get on, please! If you have any questions – feel free to connect. We’d love to help you on your journey.

As always, Stay Curious,

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