About Us

Hi – we’re Bruce and Lisa, and we’re the creators of Board and Life. We’re lifestyle enthusiasts. All this means is that we have a passion for discovering. For new things. For experiences – and for consuming as much as we can to be “in the know”. Not in a snobby way – just in a “we have too many interests” kind of way!  That’s why we created Board and Life: we needed organization in our own lives.

Like you, we’re into a lot of things – and we wanted a place to put them all. We loved the idea of having a cork board. Bruce used to have one before he met Lisa and he kept all ticket stubs, lists, you name it on there.

Cork boards are where memories gather for you to discover once again. Where ideas go when they aren’t ready – only to be discovered a time later, ready for them to become reality. Cork boards are a place where life just kind of happens. Hence, Board & Life.

As for us, we’re pretty simple. Bruce is into photography and music, while Lisa is into personal development, self care, and healthy recipes. We both love coffee and travel but we certainly don’t get enough of either!

The fact that we’re also Bruce and Lisa at Board and Life is completely on accident. Honestly. We thought of the whole “board” thing and then decided that if there was an “L” word available we would make that the title. Of course, we had that “you’ve got to be kidding” moment at the same time when we realized how perfect and symbolic Board and Life would be. And here we are today.

So, join us as we discuss everything. We’re doing this for us and we’re doing this to share with you, too. Here at B&L we have a saying, and so, as always, Stay Curious.