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The Best Argyle Socks: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Check out these Awesome Argyle Socks!

Whether you’re looking for men’s argyle socks, women’s argyle socks, or even knee-high argyle socks – this is the place for you!

One of the biggest problems with the argyle pattern is that we are never completely sure when to wear it. Arygle pattern socks can be an amazing fashion statement and showing of fashion knowledge. On the other hand, wearing argyle socks at the wrong time (like to a wedding with a stricter dress code) can be a fashion “no-no”.

That said, we’re believers in wearing what you want when you want. So, what if men want to wear pink argyle socks? Just do you! While we aren’t up for giving away too many style tips – we think that argyle socks are awesome.

Sometimes they can be a bit hard to buy if you are looking for a specific color, design or style. However, you won’t have to go to Walmart for argyle socks after this post! Ready to get your argyle on? Let’s do this!

A Brief History of Argyle Socks

Argyle socks date back to the medieval times in Scotland. The pattern itself (a combination of diamonds, hashed and solid lines, and colors) was used to identify different Scottish clans’ tartans (family colors).

Men would wear their tartan on their lower legs for coverings – resembling today’s idea for socks. Unsurprisingly, scholars think that they originated in a place called Argyllshire – a place in Western Scotland!

Today, the argyle pattern can be seen on not just socks, but vests, scarves, and other accessories as a symbol of differentiation and style. Argyle was associated with golfers in the 1950s and this idea continues to this day. Argyle socks can be a fundamental part of a golfer’s attire on the course!

Things to Consider when Buying Argyle Socks

Before you start buying socks like a crazy argyle sock person, think about a few things:

Purpose. Why are you buying argyle socks? When are you intending to wear them? Are they just for everyday use or will they be used for a specific event, like a graduation, interview, or wedding? Thinking about the purpose will dictate the color you decide on.

Size. It should go without saying but buy sicks that fit your feet. I guess personal preference can come into play here: if you like your socks tighter or looser – that’s for you to decide. Generally, a tight-fitting sock looks neater and since argyle is used for “nicer” events and for style, it’s best that they fit properly.

Material. Along with size, get to know what blend of material the argyle socks are made of. Remember, cotton, nylon, polyester, silk, and a blend of the different materials will react differently in the wash. These materials will also feel different on your skin – again, personal preference!

Price/Quality. Generally, more expensive socks are fancier and last longer since they aren’t worn on a daily basis. If you want argyle socks for daily usage, then we’ll list a bunch of high rated socks that are awesome designs and won’t break your wallet!

Okay, all done talking about argyle socks. Let’s browse!

Argyle Socks for Women

Argyle socks for women aren’t overly different from that of men – besides maybe the colors used for the pattern. Overall, women tend to wear a modest print and color to an interview or around the office.

They can also be a fun addition to a trendy outfit in the spring or fall. Women also wear argyle socks during golf and sometimes during equestrian.

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Argyle Socks for Men

For men, argyle socks are usually worn in everyday business. Neutral and darker colors make argyle a suitable pattern for around the office. Men also wear argyle while golfing and brighter colors can be a great accent to an outfit for out on the town or just being classy while out for drinks.

Last update was on: August 18, 2019 1:52 pm

And there you have it – some fo the best argyle socks on the market and how you buy them! In the end, buy socks you love that make you feel confident and will serve your needs.

If you are unsure, ask a friend for style tips but ultimately do what’s best for you! We just wanted to spread the argyle sock love. Do you wear argyle socks already? If so, get in touch and let us know!

As always, Stay Curious,


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