5 Of The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes To Stay Super Cozy

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Are These the Best Hot Chocolate Recipes? Time to Find Out!

Full Disclosure: We love hot chocolate. Bruce grew up with cold winters and Lisa just loves chocolate. Together, we consume a fair bit of hot chocolate while lounging comfortably in cozy sweaters.

While many hot chocolate recipes can be made from the prepackaged mixes, there are loads and loads of hot chocolate recipes with real chocolate! If you are searching for hot chocolate recipes from a mix, you can for sure still make a great mug of chocolate. That said, there’s something about real milk, cocoa powder, and chocolate that you can’t replace!

So, whether you are looking for hot chocolate recipes with chocolate chips, peppermint flavor, or for one, two, or more drinkers, we’ve colltected some of the best variations on traditional hot chocolate recipes out there! Without further ado, let’s dive into 5 hot chocolate recipes that are sure to be ultra delicious.

Classic Hot Chocolate

For some, a classic hot chocolate recipe might just be hot water or milk and a package of hot chocolate mix. Add a few marshmallows and you’re done – and that would be fine! For this article though, we wanted recipes that take a little more effort, a few more ingredients, and have even greater payoffs for chocolatey goodness.

If you’ve got a hot plate ready, the right kind of chocolate, and a little patience – here is one version of the straightforward classic hot chocolate recipe. This one is great for keeping things simple for dipping another sweet treat like a cookie!

Toasted Marshmallow S’more Hot Chocolate

Want that S’mores taste in your mug? You know – the taste and smell that takes you back to sitting around a campfire when you were a kid out camping? Why not try out a toasted marshmallow version of hot chocolate!

For this recipe, your base chocolate is pretty similar to the classic one. The biggest difference is you add graham crackers crushed up AND you broil the mug with the marshmallows on top in the oven! This recipe takes a bit of care but the rewards are definitely worth it. Just be careful when you take the mugs out! For toasted marshmallow hot chocolate, here is the recipe.

Cinnamon White Hot Chocolate

Mmmm, cinnamon. It should come as no surprise that one of the classic baking spices (and spices in general) can pair amazingly with hot chocolate. This recipe is even more different – because the suggestion is for white chocolate!

Of course, you can still use dark chocolate but be sure to experiment! Something about the thought/smell of toasting cinnamon sticks in a pan sounds awesome. Check out this cinnamon hot chocolate recipe here.

You could also add a little rum if the occasion called for it. Definitely not on our list of bar drinks to order when you don’t know what to order but it’ll do in a pinch.. or just a Sunday afternoon. Don’t judge.

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

With the holiday season, you can’t escape a few classic flavors. These include things like gingerbread and mints like spearmint or peppermint. Personally, we love mint-flavored things – even mint chocolate chip ice cream! So, when we found out there was a recipe for peppermint hot chocolate – we were sold.

Think about a York Peppermint Pattie – but in liquid form. Yeah, that’s peppermint hot chocolate. The secret lies in the use of heavy cream and peppermint oil. This way, you get the richness of the beverage with the refreshing lightness of the mint.

Ready to get making? We thought so – here’s the recipe for peppermint hot chocolate. As per usual, finish it off with a little whipped cream and shaved chocolate for the look and the taste!

Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Last, but certainly not least – we have a classic hot chocolate with a hazelnut twist. For whatever reason, people love hazelnut – and they love the famous spread Nutella even more! So, some genius decided to add it to hot chocolate and this legend was born!

There are a few variations on this recipe like making your own hazelnut spread or using organic spread. However you do it, achieving that richness and flavor of hazelnut is never a bad mission to embark on in the name of hot chocolate! Here’s the recipe for amazing hazelnut hot chocolate.

And there you have it – 5 of the most delicious hot chocolate recipes out there. What do you think? Try any of them yet? Do you have a variation we didn’t cover? A classic go-to recipe that you whip (pun intended) together on a cold winter day? Let us know – we’d love to try them out! Seriously, reach out on Twitter @boardandlife and let us know how you rock your hot cocoa!

As always, Stay Curious,

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