10 Of The Best Indoor Plants That You Can’t Kill Easily

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The Best Indoor Plants Are The Ones That Stay Alive.

Let’s face it – indoor plants are nice to have but we all have the fear that we’re definitely going to kill it. Right? Do you have that fear as well? We sure do – and it keeps us from exploring our green thumb and adding a little character to our flat. It’s pretty sad when you have to Google “plants you can neglect”.

So, to help you embrace your “gardening side” without basically doing anything to care for the plant – we’ve done the research for you! Here’s a sweet list of 10 of the best indoor plants that need minimal/no attention and don’t die easily.

Some of these indoor house plants require low light, little water, and even have air purifying abilities making their benefit extra special for your bedroom, dorm room, or living room. Goodbye, constant fear of over-watering!

It should definitely be mentioned that you should further research any houseplants you add to a home with pets or children as some can be pretty but toxic and are best admired from afar!


Everyone knows about aloe plants. These cute little guys are in the “succulent” plant family – meaning they generally have a thick fleshy exterior that helps then retain water in dry conditions. This means they are perfect for when you forget to water them. Succulents just keep on living! (You do have to water them eventually, however).

Aloe is good because it serves for medicinal use if you get a burn – simply break off a little piece and apply to the area. Aloe like sunny places so be sure to keep them on a window sill in full light. You actually want to avoid watering it to keep it happy and healthy since it prefers dry soil! You still have to water it – but every so often when the soil is bone dry and just a little bit.

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Spider Plant

Yeah, they look weird AF but that’s half the fun! Spider plants are great because they stay green and can even work as a hanging plant if you’re short on space in your room. You should keep the soil moist and if possible, your spider plant likes bright or medium light conditions. Normal room temperature should do them just fine.

English Ivy

We have a thing for English Ivy. It’s such an elegant looking plant that looks like it owns a fancy car and would order snails at a fancy restaurant. Do you get that vibe? We do. English Ivy is super versatile of a plant. You can let it grow long for effect or you can even cut off a stem section and transplant it to create a whole new plant. Pretty cool!

English Ivy is the picky one on this list: it likes its soil moist to the touch and prefers cooler room temperatures. It’s better kept in a part of the house that doesn’t get the direct sunlight and thus the room stays cooler than the rest of the home.

Jade Plant

Back on the succulent train! The jade plant is just adorable- and it’s so easy to take care of. It’s got those thick leaves that hold water and give it a shine like it’s eaten too much ice cream but is super happy about it. It’s a slow-growing plant that has the ability to live for years. Yes, years.

Like most plants on here, keep the soil dry to the touch because the Jade doesn’t love wat that much. For lighting, make sure it’s bright and ordinary. For room temperature, normal will do just fine to keep the Jade happy.

Snake Plant

The snake plant gets its name because – yes – it looks like a snake standing at attention. Probably not for you if you have a fear of the slithering species. The plant version, however, is a perfect “hard to kill” addition to your life.

The leaves grow straight upwards making it great if you don’t have a ton of space in an office or on a desk. Different varieties have differing leaf accent colors for a unique touch.

The snake plant is cool with lots of different light conditions. It likes air that’s a tad drier but you don’t have to go and buy it its own dehumidifier. The soil should also be dry to the touch between light waterings. Overall, normal room temperature makes the snake plant a happy camper.


The Pothos is the cool one on the list of indoor plants. Why you might ask? Because the Pothos can actually purify the air by absorbing toxins from both the air and surfaces in the home. It even grows crazy if you want it to – just guide it up a wall or let it hang and the stems will grow long and green.

We said “grow long” and weren’t kidding. The Pothos stem can grow to 8 feet long or longer. All you have to do is trim the stems and they will the plant as a whole won’t be affected at all!

The Pothos is good because it works in different lighting conditions, but since it’s a super green and lush plant more light is generally better. Keep the soil dry to the touch between waterings and keep it in normal room temperature for a happy Pothos.

Ficus Tree

This badass tiny tree has shiny leaves that make it look fancy like it’s ready to go out for a hot dinner date. Speaking of fancy – you can actually braid the stems as it grows to add another level of awesome to your room.

Ficus need sunshine. They really like sunshine – or at least a really, really, bright light source. There are quite a few varieties out there but generally, they are good with days of dry soil between their waterings.

Keep your focus at room temperature – like 65 to 75 degrees F – and it’ll be a happy tree. They can be expensive but they look great and you won’t kill it so it’ll be your friend for a while.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Fun Fact: The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is actually a type of ficus. The leaves are huge and a deep green which is kind of shaped like a fiddle. That’s where it gets its name from!

All you have to do is buy this plant and set it at room temperature with a bright to medium light source. Not sure when to water it? Let the soil dry out to the touch and then water it again. It’ll even tell you if it’s feeling down – it’ll look a little pale and you can just move it to somewhere less bright.

Shamrock Plant

Do you want to live like it’s St. Patrick’s Day all year long? Then get a Shamrock Plant. The bright green leaves look just like shamrocks, and you get to enjoy these adorable little white flowers that just pop out on tall stems.

Like most plants, the Shamrock Plant likes light – but it should be indirect or filtered – not direct sunlight. As long as you allow the soil to dry out between waterings – simply water it once a week and it’s a happy plant.

Areca Palm

Dreaming of a vacation in a tropical location? The Areca Palm help you with that. It looks great in the corner standing nice and tall. You have to know that it can grow quite tall – up to 7 feet – but if you keep it in a smaller pot the roots won’t spread as much and you’ll actually control the height. Pretty cool!

You need to keep it in indirect light. Like with many of the other plants on this list, just wait for the soil to dry out a bit and only water it every other week. Pretty low maintenance for such a great plant addition to your home.

And there you have it – some of the easiest plants to take care of that you can add to your room right now. What do you think? Do you own any of these green wonders? Have you actually managed to kill any of these? Tell us the details – we need to know how to keep them alive! Let’s make sharing gardening tips cool.

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