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34 Captions For Pictures Of Yourself To Nail Your Next Selfie

Here are Some of the Best Captions for Pictures of Yourself!

Choosing a caption for photos these days can be tricky. Even more so when you are posting a selfie! Nailing the wording under the photo is almost more important than the photo itself! That’s why we’ve set out to create a master list of photo captions for selfies that are sure to earn you and your photo the respect it deserves.

So, whether you are looking for cute captions for a picture of yourself, funny captions, or captions with attitude, we help you choose the perfect caption for Instagram, Facebook, or wherever else you are posting. We also want to remind people to be safe out there snapping great photos. Don’t put yourself in danger for the “best shot” – just do you. Always.

Since we want to help you post great content about yourself or your friends, here are a few other posts on social media captions that may help you out in the future!

So, if you’re ready to get posting selfies – let’s find you a great selfie quote or caption!

Short Captions for Selfies

girl in night taking selfie captions for pictures of yourself

Taking a great selfie is easy when no one is watching… // Photo: Unsplash

You can often say a lot with very little. A short caption can portray a lot of attitude, intensity, simplicity, or calmness. Whatever you are going for, here are a few of the best short captions for selfies that you can use!

  • “Perfect.”
  •  Dream.”
  •  “Smile.”
  •  “Lit.”
  • “Selfie Game: 100.”
  •  “Shine.”
  • “This is me. Take it or leave it.”
  • “Guess Who?”

Great Mirror Selfie Captions

camera selfie in car mirror captions for pictures of yourself
Got a mirror? A great selfie awaits… // Photo: Unsplash

Mirror selfies can be an art form in themselves. So, if you need a bunch of mirror selfie quotes and captions, here are a few to get you started!

  • “It’s called reflection. It’s important to do it often.”
  • “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Nevermind – I already know the answer.”
  • “It’s funny, I thought I knew the person staring back at me… “
  • “There are infinite versions of myself. This is just one.”
  • “Always be proud of that person staring back at you.”
  • The car mirror works well. I can watch myself, watching the world go by.”

Good Quotes for Selfies

A good caption for a selfie can simply be a good quote. There are many beautiful quotes out there (good and bad) about selfies. We think that, while selfies can sometimes be seen as self-centered, a certain, healthy amount of self-expression shouldn’t be held back! Here are a few great quotes for selfies that you can use.

  • “With the selfies, a photographer has finally found his place in a photograph.” – Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words
  • “Ready for a selfie, m’lady?” – Danika Stone, All the Feels
  • “My mobile phone is just an extension of my soul.” – Anthony T. Hincks
  • “A good selfie is when you successfully capture the feeling of that very moment!” – Anamika Mishra
  • “If you have the ability to love, love yourself first.” – Charles Bukowski
  • “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive.” – Howard Washington Thurman

Cute Selfie Captions

couple on dock taking selfie captions for pictures of yourself
Doesn’t get cuter than this! // Photo: Unsplash

Lots of selfies end up being in the “cute” category because of who is in them, where they are taken, and the caption below them! For the best cute selfie caption, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

  • “Just wishing there was a dog behind me…”
  • “She’s/He’s my everything in this journey called life.”
  • “Smiles: Check. Rainbows: Check.”
  • “Life is just better with cotton candy.”
  • “Smile more – it always goes well on you.”
  • “It’s just you and I, through a lens, against the world.”

Funny Selfie Captions

boy in red shirt taking selfie with iphone captions for pictures of yourself
Smile more – it always does a selfie well. // Photo: Unsplash

Do you need funny selfie captions? Here are a few! Now, you might be looking for even more funny captions – in which case you can check out our larger post on funny captions for your next Instagram.

  • “What is this? I didn’t order sleepy hair.”
  • “This is my awkward face. Oh wait, that’s just me all the time.”
  • “I woke up like this and there is nothing I can do about it.”
  • “Not sure who that person in the photograph is but if you see the real me tell me there’s an imposter doing a terrible job.”

Caption for Selfies with Friends

girls with bubblegum taking selfie captions for pictures of yourself
A little bit of gum, attitude, and a friend is all you need. // Photo: Unsplash

While this post is mainly for captions for photos of just yourself, we wanted to offer up a few captions for groups or friends – and tell you that we’ll write up a whole new post on just this topic!

  • “Gang’s all here.”
  • “This is my squad – and that’s totally fine with me.”
  • “Snaps 15 photos, chooses one. Nailed it, crew.”
  • “We ride together, we shop together, we dance together.”

And there you have it – some of the best captions for pictures of yourself. In the end, just post what feels the most like you. These can be taken as is or you can use these quotes and captions for inspiration. Whatever your style, just make sure to stay true to yourself. No compromises! Post it to Twitter and tag us @boardandlife so we can see!

As always, Stay Curious,

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34 Captions for Photos of Yourself