7 Top Alkaline Foods We Love To Eat And Cook With

vegetables and nuts on dark counter top alkaline foods

Some Of The Top Alkaline Foods We Love To Cook With! There is a lot of chatter about alkaline foods and their benefits for the body. We aren’t really going to dive into the science behind the claims of an

7 Healthy Afternoon Snacks That You Can Make In A Hurry

yogurt and berries on wooden board on counter healthy afternoon snacks

Great and Healthy Afternoon Snacks are Here! When it comes to healthy snack ideas, we have absolutely got you covered. Lisa is big into healthy recipes and trying out new ideas for healthy dinners, healthy breakfast options, and especially healthy

Why We Are Eating Salad Everyday For Lunch

white bowl full of cut vegetables and salad eating salad everyday

We Love Eating Salad Everyday – and We Think You Can, Too! Let’s get this out of the way right off the start: we eat a big salad for lunch basically everyday, and we’ve been doing it for approximately a

9 Fall Drinks You Have To Try This Season

two mugs of apple cider with cinnamon sticks on tray of fall drinks

Amazing Fall Drinks are Just a Recipe Away! Fall is a great season to enjoy time with friends, the cooler weather, pretty colors, and – of course – fall drinks! Whether you like warm fall drinks or classic fall cocktails,

7 Minimalist Design Tips For Creating Your Dream Home

Wood bench with plants and shoes in front of white brick wall with photo minimalist design tips

Some Key Minimalist Design Tips For Your Space! When it comes to minimalist design principles, there are lots of places to turn to! Here at Board and Life, we’re definitely trying to have a warm minimalist decor in our flat.

5 Of The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes To Stay Super Cozy

mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cinnamon best recipes

Are These the Best Hot Chocolate Recipes? Time to Find Out! Full Disclosure: We love hot chocolate. Bruce grew up with cold winters and Lisa just loves chocolate. Together, we consume a fair bit of hot chocolate while lounging comfortably