31 Amazing Christmas Gag Gifts You Can’t Resist Buying

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When it comes to funny gag gift ideas, we know a thing or two here at Board and Life. We come from somewhat jokester families that make a point of going for laughs every Christmas. Bruce’s brother-in-law has a knack for homemade gag gifts – one year wrapping a bag of dirt to make a package feel heavy!

Actual funny Christmas gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, so you might even consider great Christmas onesies for adults since they are always a hit. So, from funny gag gifts for guys, for her, for pets, kids, and even funny gift ideas for friends, here is our list of some classic and unique funny gifts!

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Things to Consider When Buying Christmas Gag Gifts

Before you go ordering away on gag gifts for those special people (or animals) in your life, there are a few things to consider. We chat about them below in no particular order.

Purpose/Receiver. When you’re buying a gag Christmas gift, you need to have an intended receiver. Just buying a gag gift and using it for someone might not be the best idea because the gift might not match the person’s personality. The effect can be a supposedly funny gift that falls flat!

Price/Quality. Now, since gag gifts are usually a one-time usage, it might be a good idea to stay on the cheaper side so that the money doesn’t go to a complete waste. That said, some gag gifts can keep on giving year after year – like wearable items or funny holiday-themed items like mugs or socks. Just have a think about how much you are actually planning on spending and whether it is worth the financial investment for the laughs!

Christmas Gag Gifts For Men

Man in christmas sweater unwrapping gift with blue paper and orange ribbon on desk
There are lots of gag gifts for men out there!

There are plenty of great ideas for gag gifts for men. Many of them work for multiple guys, while others are definitely related to specific interests – like beer or golf. If the man you are buying for is also a dad, consider pairing your funny gag gift with a real gift. Check out our list of great Christmas gifts for dads for more inspiration!

Christmas Gag Gifts for Women

woman and man with christmas sweaters and christmas hats hugging with one person holding gift
Gag gifts don’t have to be anything big…

Women also have a great variety of potential gag gifts. While many are based on stereotypes (like loving wine), you can find a great variety of gifts out there to make any women laugh. If you are looking for a small gift, you will likely find one below (like the amazing pizza pouch).

Christmas Gag Gifts For Kids

Female with braided hair and knitted sweater hangling star ornament on christmas tree
Some of these gifts aren’t what kids might expect…

Kids like a laugh, too – but kids also like a gift that they can use, eat, or generally actually enjoy. That’s why the gag gift ideas below are slightly more functional than the gifts for adults.

This way, at least they can play with or eat a few of these gifts! You could also buy them a giant pencil which is a novelty at any age! Have a look below:

Christmas Gag Gifts For Pets

Dog with christmas hat laying on carpet with christmas tree and gifts in background
It’s pretty easy to make a dog look cute and/or silly….

While pets might not get the gag gift, the humans around them certainly will. As such, there are plenty of great gag gifts for pets out there.

We are seriously considering getting the unicorn horn for the family cat because she would actually wear it. If you need more inspiration for that holiday pet, you can check out the best Christmas sweaters for dogs!

And there you have it – 31 of the best Christmas gag gifts that we could find. Having received a few of these ourselves over the years, we can say that this list definitely covers all personalities and gag styles.

If you end up buying a gag gift, let us know by getting in touch – we’d love to hear about what you bought and how it was received!

As always, Stay Curious,

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