21 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

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Christmas Gifts For Coworkers Don’t Have to Be Challenging! 

Gifts for colleagues when leaving work for the holidays are a nice way to say “see ya later” for a few days – but they can be hard to buy. Different office cultures and different personalities mean that some funny gifts for coworkers work one in place, but fall flat in another! Then there is the question of a female coworker versus a male coworker, colleague versus your boss!

You might be looking for inexpensive gifts for coworkers – in which case you are in the right place! We’ve got a whole list of Christmas gifts for coworkers under $10 and for a variety of interests. Let’s make coworker Christmas gift shopping easier this year.

If you are still looking for gifts for other people on your list, check out some of our gift guides below:

Things to Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before you start just buying gifts for coworkers. Let’s go over them in no particular order.

Office Culture. This is something that you will have to assess for yourself – but your office culture can really dictate what kind of gift you buy/should be giving. Some offices have a very relaxed atmosphere while others are strict and by the book. This will play a role in whether you get something funny or whether a coffee mug will do.

If you are worried about rules at the workplace because you are close to your colleague and have a gift that is more silly than they might like, consider gifting it to them outside of office hours!

Price/Quality. Price and quality of the product go hand in hand usually. If you are focused on getting a cheaper gift for your coworker, then maybe don’t expect it to have the best quality. This is especially true if it’s a joke gift. If you want a really good useful office tool or item for your colleague, you might have to pay up.

Purpose. In short, think about the gift and think about the person’s personality, even their role. Will they use the gift or will it be good for a laugh and then sit in a desk? Maybe you just want a gift that gets a quick laugh? Just have a think about the purpose of the gift before you go buying and giving!

Affordable Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Phone notebook pencil and white mug on brown wood background
A good mug can go a long way.

It’s fair to assume that most gifts for colleagues are going to be on the cheaper side. That’s totally understandable so here are some great ideas for smaller and cheaper gifts for colleagues. Keep in mind that if one small gift is not enough you can always buy more than one and create a little “gift pack”.

If you are genuinely interested in a mug as a gift, we have a whole post on just funny mugs! Keep in mind that some of them might be inappropriate for the office!

Mid-Range Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

leather notebook with pencils and black glasses on dark wood
Your colleague likes writing things down? Then go for a nice notebook…

Mid-range gifts can start to up in price but they also usually go up in usefulness. Many of these items are designed to increase productivity and we are talking about the espresso maker, here! Seriously though, the coffee-loving coworker we all have would love that last one!

High-End Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

elegant fountain pen on paper coworker gifts
Nothing like a classy pen for a classy coworker.

Finally, we come to the gifts for coworkers that are a bit more expensive. Honestly, there aren’t too many in this category – and if the gift idea was that expensive you should probably just ask the office to buy them for everyone because many of the ideas that would be here are actually just super nice office supplies that everyone would enjoy!

That said, we really love the pen below. We think it’s an innovative way to merge workflows if someone needs to get their writing into digital – and fast!

And there you have it – 21 perfect gifts for coworkers for Christmas time. In the end, have a think about your coworker, your budget, and their interests – and you cannot go wrong! If you end up buying something, let us know how it went and how it was received! We’d love to hear about it.

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Christmas Gifts For Coworkers