19 Cool Christmas Gifts That You’ll Actually Want For Yourself

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Need Cool Christmas Gifts For 2019? This List is For You!

Whether you are buying cool Christmas gifts for a teenage girl, gifts for your boyfriend, or even a dad – these ideas are 2019 approved! The top Christmas gifts are the cool ones that are on trend – like things related to food and tech.

We like to think we have a good eye for cool gifts. Lisa bought Bruce a sleek leather wallet a few years ago and he absolutely loves it to this day.

The thing that you have to remember when searching for cool Christmas gift ideas is to buy with your receiver in mind! So, if you are looking for other gift guides, we’ve got tea lovers, foodies, gifts for moms, and coworkers covered! If you’re ready, let’s check out some of these cool Christmas gift ideas!

Things to Consider When Buying Cool Christmas Gifts

Like we mentioned above, there are a few things to think about before you just go out there and start buying the coolest gifts on the market. Here they are below!

Price/Quality. Obviously, think about the price range you are aiming for. You might think buying a drone is cool – which it is – but they can be pricey. Worth but, but pricey! Sometimes the coolest gift is a smaller one that goes with the person’s personality.

Purpose. This kind of goes along with the last piece about personality. Think about your gift received. Will they use the gift you are buying? Do they need what you are buying? Is it useful and practical or more for decoration? These are buying factors to consider. A coffee grinder, for example, is awesome for someone who makes coffee each morning from scratch at home!

Affordable Cool Christmas Gifts

wireless speakers with black phone leaning on them and blurry skyline in background
A small speaker can liven up any occasion.

Affordable cool gifts come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and cater to various interests. These gifts are great if you want to buy for someone with a few different interests. In this case, you could buy a few little gifts and then bundle them together to create a package deal of coolness! We love the shower speaker idea – but maybe that’s just us!

Mid-Range Cool Christmas Gifts

Vintage coffee grinder on wood background
Morning coffee done cool.

Mid-range price cool gifts are those gifts that are typically novelty or unique. You typically only need one and then you have it and use it for those special occasions like in the morning (coffee grinder) or to watch the big game or a home movie (mini projector). We watch quite a bit of Netflix so the mini projector would really ramp up our movie night!

High- End Cool Christmas Gifts

Man laying on white couch with robot vacuum cleaner in foreground cool gifts
Cleaning while you relax on the couch? Yes please!

Lastly, we come to the high-end cool gifts for this holiday season. The big one is definitely a drone but there are plenty of other cool gifts that don’t require having to learn how to fly a small aircraft! Some of these items are for a very specific interest (Fishfinder) but they can be very useful, practical, and a cool gift that the person loves!

And there you have it – just a few of the coolest Christmas gifts ideas for this holiday season. In the end, just think about who you are buying for, their interests, and your budget and you cannot go wrong. If you end up buying or receiving a cool gift this season – let us know! We’d love to hear about it!

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