54 Special Ideas For Your Couples Bucket List

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Some Great Couples Bucket List Items to Add To Yours!

Whether you’re a new couple or been married for years, every couple can have a bucket list. Bucket lists are great ways to bounce ideas off one another, set goals, and chart a potential path through life. This goes for whether you are with your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife!

We have a few bucket list items that we want to accomplish – you’ll find many on this very list. That said, remember that it’s okay if you don’t meet all of them.

Sometimes, just the inspiration that comes from some ideas can lead you down another path altogether towards something else you both truly love and can accomplish together.

So, from travel and adventures to simple, more romantic, or special activities that mean lots to you both, here is an ultimate couple bucket list for you to get inspired from!

Couples Bucket List: Romantic Activities

Couple sitting on park bench holding hands with city buildings in background
Going on a romantic vacation? Check!
  • Take a ballroom dancing class together.
  • Write a poem for each other.
  • Have a star named after you both.
  • Take a bath together with rose petals and candles.
  • Sleep under the stars.
  • Write down the story of how you first met.
  • Spend a night at an actual castle.
  • Create a photo album/scrapbook with photos from your relationship.

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Couples Bucket List: Adventurous Activities

Couple hugging each other on ground in front of white trailer and trees couples bucket list
Going on a road trip? Check!
  • Travel to all continents of the world.
  • Spend a night in an ice hotel.
  • Go on a safari together.
  • Go dog-sledding (with nice companies only).
  • Get business class tickets on a long flight.
  • Sleep on the beach.
  • Go bungee jumping/skydiving together.
  • See the northern lights somewhere in the world.
  • Sleep in a treehouse.
  • Go on a road trip.
  • Take a boat cruise to Niagara Falls.
  • Surprise each other with a trip.
  • Watch the sun rise in a remote location.
  • Try out vanlife for a week/month/year.

Couple Bucket List: Life Stuff

Couple sitting on couch hugging with dog on their lap bucket list
Get a cute dog? Check!
  • Work on a project together that improves your financial situation.
  • Get a doggie/kitty/pet you really like.
  • Have a kid, or two, or more – if that’s your thing.
  • Pay off your debts + mortgage.
  • Build your own house.
  • Take your parents on a vacation/trip.
  • Learn a new language together.
  • Create the lifestyle you want and stay true to it.

Couples Bucket List: Relaxing Activities

Legs of man and woman standing close to one another on sand
Relax by the sea? Check!
  • Spend a day at a spa together.
  • Lay on a blanket in a park all day on a sunny day.
  • Visit a butterfly house.
  • Re-decorate a room using only refurbished items.
  • Go on a couples retreat.
  • Hike in a national park/bird sanctuary.

Couples Bucket List: Fun Date Activities

Colorful ferris wheel with dark blue sky in background
Visit a classic carnival? Check!
  • Go to a masquerade ball.
  • Win a big stuffed animal at a county fair.
  • Get really big ice cream cones and eat them on a park bench.
  • Ride a ferris wheel (kiss while on it).
  • Play glow in the dark mini-putt.
  • Take selfies around the top sights in your city/town.
  • Go to a music festival you wouldn’t usually attend.
  • Have a full-on picnic in a park.
  • Ride in a hot air balloon!

Couples Bucket List: Activities Involving Food & Drinks

Glasses and bottle of wine with cheese bread and grapes on table
Go on a perfect wine tasting? Check!
  • Have a dining in the dark experience.
  • Go wine tasting in a famous wine region.
  • Go whisky tasting in Scotland.
  • Have a fancy dinner on the beach.
  • Bake a giant cookie and cut it like a pizza to eat it.
  • Volunteer to cook at a shelter.
  • Eat at a Michelin restaurant.
  • Learn how to brew your own beer.
  • Attend a cooking class together.

And there you have it – 54 of the best couples bucket list ideas we could come up with. Of course, this isn’t everything – bucket lists are for you to decide on and make your own. In any case, let us know what you end up crossing off yours when you do. We’d love to hear about it!

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Couples Bucket List Ideas