9 Of The Most Festive Dog Christmas Sweaters For Your Furry Friend

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Looking for a Dog Christmas Sweater? You’re in the Right Place!

Let’s face it – Christmas is around the corner whether you like it or not! And if you’re in the market for dog Christmas apparel, you’re in luck! We love dogs here at Board and Life – we both grew up with dogs (Bruce with a Rottweiler and Lisa with a Jack Russell Terrier mix). Currently, we don’t have a dog of our own but Bruce’s sister has a Golden Doodle so we often get to dog sit!

Buying dog clothes – sweaters especially – can be tricky since sizes never fit the same way on all dogs, let alone on dogs in the same breed! You’d think most large dogs or small dogs are all built the same but every dog and every product is different.

So, to help you order that awesome Christmas sweater purchase, we’ve put together a dog Christmas sweater buying guide. Sweaters also make a great gift – you could buy matching Christmas sweaters for the dog and the owner!

But honestly, the best designs and sizes DO go fast so don’t wait too long to order. So if you want, head right through to where you can find top-rated Christmas sweaters for dogs. Ready to go? Let’s buy some Christmas sweaters for dogs!

Things to Consider When Buying Dog Christmas Sweaters

Before you buy, here are a few of the things you will want to consider about any new Christmas sweater for that holiday pooch in your life.

Purpose/Style. Let’s start off with purpose. What occasion is your dog wearing the sweater for? Do you want a funny snowman sweater or a nice knitted sweater for a classy holiday dinner party? Maybe you’re buying a sweater just for the holiday photos? Does it have to match the dog’s personality or leather collar color? Knowing the purpose/main usage of the dog sweater will help you make the right purchase.

While the general function is similar between sweaters (they are all sweaters, after all), there are differences between sweater details. Some have leg holes while others have opened bottoms for easy on and off over the head only.

Some are mainly just to cover the chest while some fit long down to the tail for full festive dog coverage. Some have hoods – and these can be great or awful depending on what your dog likes! All things to consider!

Size/Fit: Obviously, the fit of the sweater is going to be very important. You don’t want a sweater that is too tight or else you might make your pooch uncomfortable with restricted movement, breathing, and potential overheating. Too large and the sweater can get caught in things around the house or even trip them up if the sweater slouches into the paw area.

Admittedly, it’s easier to buy sweaters for smaller dogs simply because they require less material, are less expensive, and can be easier to put on (definitely dog depending). In any case, you can find a sweater for any size of dog if you look hard enough.

Generally, you’ll know the rough size of you dog and most sweaters have a sizing chart but don’t be afraid to measure your dog. No, seriously. Take a tape measure and measure the dog if you are unsure. Usually it’s back length, neck girth, and belly circumference that are important.

Material. What the sweater is made out of is very important. This will also influence how hot your dog gets. Is it comfortable? Is the knitting large or small – easy for a dog to get teeth into and shred apart? Does your dog even like the material to want to wear it without causing the dog stress? Sweaters are only funny and functional if your dog is still a happy, festive dog!

Price/Quality. Price can be an important factor when buying a Christmas sweater for a dog. You kind of have to know your dog to know how they will react to a sweater.

For example, if it’s just for a few laughs and you KNOW your dog is going to shred the sweater apart in a few hours, maybe don’t buy a crazy expensive sweater. That said, quality sweaters that can be worn year after year (assuming your dog doesn’t eat it) can be more expensive. It really depends on the brand, overall quality, and size of the dog!

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Top Dog Christmas Sweaters

And there you have it – some of the best dog Christmas sweaters for the holiday season. Honestly, we love all of them – but it’s obviously not necessary to buy more than one… or is it?!

Which ones do you like the best? Which ones would your dog love? Let us know on Twitter @boardandlife and send us a photo if your dog gets a great holiday sweater!

As always, Stay Curious,

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