5 Easy Cocktails To Make For Your Next Party

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Easy Cocktails to Make for Your Next Party are Right Here!

When it comes to easy cocktail recipes for parties, there are so many recipes to choose from that it can be overwhelming. And while it may seem like a lot of work to make a cocktail at first, it’s actually super easy once you have the right ingredients and the right bar items!

So, whether you are in it to make easy fruity cocktails or easy shaken cocktails (as opposed to stirred), you can bet that these 5 cocktails are definitely easy alcoholic drinks to make at home! You can even read an ultimate guide to understanding different drinks if you want to learn a little more.

You might be tempted to go for easy cocktail to make in bulk but we advise against it – and you’ll learn why below! To be honest, Lisa wouldn’t call some of the drinks mentioned below “Cocktails” but apparently that’s a difference between North America and Europe that we have recently noticed. We’ll soon write a separate blog post about some of the differences we have noticed being in an intercultural relationship.

We tried to choose a drink for each of the five different main alcohols: whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, and vodka! If you’re ready to get mixing, let’s get mixing!

Gin and Tonic

two short glasses of gin and tonic with limes in wooden table
Limes are essential for a good G & T!

Want to keep in simple with your party cocktails? Why not stick to two ingredients and make it really easy on you and your guests? If this is the case, grab yourself a gin and tonic!

This classic cocktail – originally created by the British Army while they were hanging out in (read: ruling) India way back in the day – has stood the test of time. To this day, a G & T is a great summer day beverage when served up cold and with a fat slice of lime.

While there are many different gins that you can use, a classic iteration of the Gin and Tonic is made with Gordon’s London Gin. That said, there are so many different gins being distilled these days with great flavors infused in so there is no stopping where you take your gin and tonic. Just be sure to have classic gin on hand for your guests who want the simple version.

To go the extra mile, buy canned Tonic water so it is fresh with each new drink or two that you make. A large plastic bottle of Tonic saves money – but loses carbonation over a bunch of pouring motions during whole night!


two orange cocktails in tall glasses on bar top easy cocktails to make
A Manhattan just looks the part – tastes great, too!

If you want to be able to prepare one of the most classic cocktails out there, having a bit of whiskey around to do a proper Manhattan would be a top choice. A Manhattan traditionally calls for bourbon but you can substitute for rye whiskey.

The important thing to get right with a Manhattan is that the next two ingredients are Angostura bitters, and then Sweet Vermouth. This is what makes the Manhattan strong and more bitter compared to the very close and very also classic cocktail, the Old Fashioned.

The other key difference is that the Old Fashioned, while also made with whiskey, is sweeter than a Manhattan because you exchange Vermouth for sugar. Like actual sugar. So there, now you know how to make two classic cocktails!

Another difference is also in the garnish – an Old Fashioned is finished off with a slice of orange peel in a low tumbler glass while a Manhattan is served in a tall glass (like a martini glass) with a cocktail cherry.


green drink in tall glass with lime
The salt isn’t for everyone – but it’s tasty for sure!

For the guest who is looking to embrace the taste of agave, look no further than a margarita. While this “beachy” drink might make you think you have to be laying in the sunshine, a margarita is a simple cocktail that appeals to the tastes of any tequila lover.

A classic margarita is just silver tequila, a liqueur (usually Triple Sec), lime juice, and a salted rim glass. Make sure you salt the rim FIRST by placing it in a little bit of lime juice and then rolling the rim through a pile of coarse salt (ideally).

You don’t have to get all crazy with a giant fishbowl and straw like you’d see at a tropical resort. A margarita can be done in a tall glass to look colorful and sophisticated. You can also change up the preparation by exchanging the liqueur for another flavor, and by whether you shake it on ice or simply mix in the glass with ice and a stirring rod.

Dark and Stormy

rum and coke in short glass with slice of lime easy cocktails to make
A dark and stormy with a thick wedge of lime!

Originally a sailor’s drink with nautical origins from the days when ginger beer was used to combat seasickness, a Dark and Stormy is a sailor’s delight passed down to party goers everywhere. If you are looking for a rum-based drink, this is it!

A dark and stormy is just a rum and ginger beer. The catch is that the rum needs to be a specific kind. Ideally, it’s  Gosling Black Seal Rum since most original iterations of the drink would call for Goslings. It has a seal on the bottle. However, any dark rum does fine as a substitute. We like it with the Kraken Dark Rum and – at 47% – it gives a Dark and Stormy a little bit of extra kick.

Depending on where you are, ginger beer (like this brand here) might be hard to find. You CAN use ginger ale but it’s just not as good and ends up being very sweet. Ginger beer isn’t too sweet, preserved the ginger flavor above all else, and makes sure that you have a good time.

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Vodka Cranberry

red vodka cranberry in short glass on wooden table top
It’s a little sweet, a little tart, and really good!

Looking for something sweeter, more tart tasting, and simple? A vodka cranberry can be done simply and cheaply while still packing a punch for your guests.

The two ingredients are – you guessed it – vodka and cranberry juice. Be sure to get a few frozen cranberries added in to help keep it cold – there isn’t too much water in them so it won’t dilute too much. Then eat the cranberry at the end.

If you want to create variations of it, you can add other fruit juices like pineapple or orange. You can also alter the creation process. Instead of just pouring in the ingredients, if you have a professional mixology set with a shaker you can do it up on ice to serve it cold and frothy!

And there you have it – five easy cocktails that are sure to please those party guests and are also no that much of a hassle to whip together! These ideas are just outlines of the classic renditions of the cocktails.

You can absolutely feel free to change things up for taste, style, and the tools you have around the house to make the drinks! Cocktails are about experimenting – so mix it up (pun intended) and let us know what you make for your next party where you play bartender!

As always, Stay Curiously Thirsty,

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