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9 Farmhouse Kitchen Signs That Are Perfect For Your Home

Check Out These Farmhouse Kitchen Signs!

Adding to your farmhouse kitchen decor is simple when you’ve got us! These wood signs are sure to make your house a home! We’ve even included that famous “Gather” sign that everyone seems to be looking for. Understandably so – it’s such a great message.

There’s something about getting a decor piece that has exactly what you want your space to be about. In this case, the kitchen is such an important place in the home. It’s where life happens – kind of like with here at Board and Life!

Below, there is no shortage of great old or rustic farmhouse signs that you can add to your home. You might even feel inspired to DIY your own farmhouse sign as the perfect fixer upper! Whatever your style, here are nine of the best wooden signs for your farmhouse kitchen.

Classic Wooden “Kitchen Rules” Sign

Ah yes, the classic kitchen rules sign. If you want to set the tone and make sure no one misbehaves in your kitchen, then this is the sign for you!

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Wood Plank Family Sign

There’s definitely truth being said here. Our families are also super chaotic but it’s all in the name of love!

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“Be Grateful” Wooden Plank Sign

Here’s a sign that offers a great reminder about how to approach the things we have in life. Whether it’s family, happiness, or health, be grateful for what you have. You can even proudly display it in your home.

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“Life is Beautiful” Sign

Honestly, we think life is actually really beautiful. We’re seriously contemplating buying this one for our flat. We love the lighter colours and the simple design.

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“Blessings” Wooden Sign

This sign is a great reminder, like with the “grateful” sign that it’s important to recognize what is important and consider them a blessing if we have them. If we know someone without these things, consider helping them out in tough times.

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“House Rules” Wooden Sign

Yup, the classic House Rules sign makes an appearance! Honestly though, we love these ones because it seems that these messages are always SO true for so many households. Just keep it simple – about love, saying sorry, and hugs. Sounds good to us!

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Family Rules Wooden Sign

As a slight twist on the above sign, these family rules are similar to house rules except they offer readers a few more ways to act. We like things like “do your best” and “keep your promises”.

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Welcome Wooden Vertical Sign

These vertical signs are great if you’re limited for space and have a piece of wall that you’d like to fill. Having a welcome message is a great way to greet guests and always a nice touch to any home. Being drawn to minimal/lighter designs, we also really like this sign!

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Wooden “Gather” Plank Sign

Here it is – the sign that everyone seems to be looking for! Having a gather sign in your kitchen or dining room can be the perfect accent piece for your home. The message is simple, yet powerful in so many ways! When things like a meal or celebration bring the family together, it’s always a great thing.

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And there you have it – nine of the best wooden farmhouse kitchen signs out there. What do you think? Do any of these messages resonate with you and your family for your kitchen space? Feel free to connect with us to tell us what you think – we’d love to hear it!

As always, Stay Curious,

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