14 of the Funniest Coffee Mugs To Brighten Up Your Morning

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Here are Some of the Funniest Coffee Mugs Out There!

From funny sayings to creative quotes, everyone loves a good coffee mug. There are lots of tacky ones out there – but we think we’ve got a good list going here. Mugs also make great gifts because they truly are a functional item that can be used by anyone. If you’re looking for the famous toilet bowl mug – it’s at the very end!

Whether you are looking for the funniest coffee mugs for work or the funniest coffee mugs for guys, we’ve compiled a list which very well might include the funniest coffee mugs ever! Let’s get sipping and laughin’ – but not at the same time. That’s dangerous!

1. For Fox Sake

Get This Foxy Mug

Ah yes, the simple play on words and a cute little fox. This is definitely a favorite of ours! It’s the kind of mug that would go great at the cottage – but can also work for the animal lover in your life who perhaps has a bit of an attitude!

2. And IIIII Will Always Love Whitney Houston

Order This Amazing Mug Now

If you were a huge Whitney Houston fan (like we are) then you’ll laugh pretty hard when you read this mud for the first time. Just sound it out – you’ll get the joke in no time. If you don’t get it, that’s okay – just means this mug isn’t for you!

3. Adulting is Hard

Order This Mug That Speaks the Truth

This is definitely a mug that we can relate to! It might be a great addition to your dorm room or university house. Would go great beside your wooden desk organizer or plant that you haven’t killed yet. Or new flat, or parents’ basement because rent and home ownership are far too expensive these days given the historical rates of inflation and generally low-income level that haven’t grown to match this trend.

Not to mention we have an education system that is fundamentally broken, doesn’t prepare young adults with basic life skills, nor does it help to alleviate or break the cycle of poverty given that the burden of educational debt continues to grow. What, you thought Board and Life was all fluff? Nah, we have brain here. We could go on…

4. This Might Be Vodka

Get Your Honesty Mug Now

While we obviously don’t condone binge drinking, this is a funny one. Nothing wrong with a nip of whiskey in your morning coffee to start off the day! This is also a good one for a university student looking to up their pre-game. It’s also good for viewing parties that get together once a week to share snacks and beverages. One mug – many scenarios for a good laugh.

5. Tea-Rex

Order This Dinosaur Mug Now

We’re also a huge fan of dinosaurs (Bruce is) and so when we saw this mug it was love at first sip. Of course, tea or coffee will do just fine. We’re sure this t-rex won’t discriminate against having the wrong beverage in the mug. Just happy to be part of your morning!

6. Romance at Target

Order Your Target Mug

Do you love Target? Do you get excited when you enter the store, wander the aisles, and browse through the numerous items you never knew you needed? Then this mug is absolutely for you. Use it as inspiration before your next big shop with your partner. And be sure to check other decor inspiration like geometric decor pieces that look amazing in any room!

7. I’ve Got Your Back

Order This Mug Now

A classic play on words – but who doesn’t love some good wordplay? This mug makes a great gift for your best friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone whose “back” you metaphorically “have”. We like how cute the stick people are!

8. Big Pharma Mug

Get This Popular Mug

Lots of people already take too many pills – why not make it official with our morning coffee? This gag mug is a perfect way to show that coffee lover that they are getting exactly what they need in the morning! Break that out at morning breakfast or in the office and watch people’s reactions!

9. Too Peopley

Order Your Peopley Mug Now

Bit of an introvert? A little hungover? Just want to be left alone in the morning? This mug is for you. It perfectly articulates how you are feeling while saying very little. Actually, you say nothing at all and let the mug do the speaking!

10. Let’s Eat, Grandma

Get This Mug to Save Grandma

We’re all about spelling and grammar here at Board and Life – and this mug is a classic demonstration of how punctuation can be used correctly or very incorrectly! Surely no one wants to advocate eating their grandma – and you shouldn’t, either!

11. Self Talk for Advice

Order This Mug for Yourself

Are you your own biggest fan? Motivator? Pump-up person? Then this mug is for you. Sure, it’s a little cocky – but who doesn’t think that they are right .. even just sometimes?

12. That’s What She Said..

Order Your Inside Joke Mug

Whether you think this joke is absolutely hilarious or super corny and outdated, here’s a mug that is sure to make you think hard and then laugh. The joke “that’s what she said” has been around for years but was made more popular by the American version of The Office as a signature catchphrase for one of the main characters. Is it inappropriate? Usually. Is it funny? Always – we think!

13. Don’t Speak… Yet

Buy This Morning Truth Mug

A play on a popular mug idea – the whole “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my fill fo coffee” gag. Well, if that’s the message you want to go for then this is the one for you! Might be great for up at the cottage or in the office – but maybe don’t be so rude to coworkers!

14. Toilet Bowl Mug

Get Your Amazing Toilet Mug Here

And last – but certainly not least – one of the best funny mugs on the market! This one takes “drinking from the toilet bowl” far too seriously! The unique design means you still get a great coffee mug while the handle and detailing make it still very functional!

And there you have it – some of the funniest coffee mugs out there. We love a few of them – and if we didn’t already have quite a few in our small cupboard, we might consider ordering some of them! Which ones do you like? Are you looking for a great mug? Get in touch and let us know – we’re happy to hear if you’ve been inspired!

As always, Stay Curious,

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