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10 Funny Throw Pillows That Will Make Your Guests Laugh

Here are Some of the Funniest Throw Pillows Out There!

Let’s face it – everyone can appreciate a good throw pillow. Something about having a little style mixed with a little laugh can brighten up a living room in seconds. Here at Board and Life, we even have a few awesome pillows of our own. They are penguin themes – because we love animals (specifically penguins)!

So, to help you up your pillow decor game, we’ve decided to throw (no pun intended) together some of the best throw pillows and throw pillow covers we could find! From classic animals to quotes that speak the truth – here are 10 of our favorites!

1. Cool Giraffes

Get These Cool Giraffes

Want to show that the gang is all here? Get this pillow! Bruce loves giraffes – so you might see more than one giraffe pillow come up in this post!

2. First Coffee, Then Things

Order This Truth Pillow

If you are a coffee person, this pillow might be for you. We definitely need a mug in the morning before thiking can happen – and here are a few funny mugs that might even go with your pillow decor!

3. Pretty Cool Cat

Order Your Cool Cat

This one is self-explanatory. Want a psychadelic cat with awesome shades on? This is your pillow. Could also be for the cat lover in you life. Either or.

4. Old Fashioned

Get Your Old Fashioned Pillow

For the old souls in your life! This pillow is great because it goes with our post on bar drinks to order when you have no idea what to get! Bruce does love an Old Fashioned!

5. Painted Penguin

Order This Awesome Penguin

Like we said, we love penguins, too – and this pillow is perfect for upping the penguin decor game we have going on. Just look how cute it is!

6. Let Me Sleep

Order Your Sleeper Pillow

Do you love sleep? Like, do you really love sleep? Then this might be the pillow for you. This one is good because it’s super relatable for guests you might have over.

7. Hello Beautiful

Order This Motivational Wonder

Got a diva, a star, or a princess in your household? Get this pillow for that morning or midday motivation!

8. Color Me Owl

Get This Popular Owl

Lots of colors went into the making of this pillow! But man is that a cool owl. Again, more animals – but we think the hipster animal look is on trend right now.

9. That’s What She Said

Order Your Classic Joke Pillow

Back to the clasic joke from the tv show “The Office” – we actually show a funny coffee mug with the same mesaage! Tose how get the joke will appreciate the pilow when they walk in.

10. Giraffe With Attitude

Get This Pillow for the Attitude

And finally – the last giraffe. It’s so cute – and wow, is it a cool one. Those pink glasses will be ll the talk of your guests when thay walk into the living room. Just sayin’.

And there you have it – some of the funniest throw pillows out there. If we didn’t already have decent pillows at home we would be all over these! Which ones do you like? Get in touch and let us know – we’re happy to hear if you’ve been inspired!

As always, Stay Curious,

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Throw Pillows that will make you laugh