Fantastic Games For Couples: Your Ultimate List (2020)

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Looking for Great Games For Couples? Let’s Get Playing!

It’s been said that you can learn more about a person in an hour of play than a lifetime of conversation – so why not play a game as a couple! There is no shortage when it comes to naming the best couples’ games. From questions games to board games, there are lots of ways to play together!

We’re not a huge game couple – mostly because we’re working and/or traveling a lot. That doesn’t leave a ton of time for games in our pastime. Usually relaxing is done more passively like watching a movie. That said, when we go to the family cottage, there are games galore happening!

So, whether you are looking for fun games for couples to play at home, active games for outside, or games through an app or online, here is our list of games to check out that couples are sure to enjoy.

Best Games For Couples

If you want the “best of the best” from us, then here are our top picks for a few games that you can try that suit all different interests and couples!


There are lots of great board games out there but we really like Pandemic. It’s interesting, makes you think, is full of cooperation, and challenging! We talk about Pandemic below in the best board games section!

>> You can get Pandemic here


We really do like Skip-Bo. This pre-packed card game is a great time filler and only takes a bit of strategy. You can read more about Skip-Bo below in the “card games” section or buy your own colorful deck here.

Corn Hole

To be a bit more active and enjoy outside, nothing beats corn hole. It’s the perfect two-person game for a hot summer day with a drink in hand! Just throw a bunch of bean bags and look to get a little competitive! You can read more about playing Corn Hole below!

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Board Games For Couples

Man and woman sitting on beanbags and playing chess on small brown table
Who says chess isn’t fun?

When people think about playing a game, they often think of board games. There are so many classic board games out there that we’d have to agree. Board games are great for a reason – they are well-organized, easy to set up, fun to play, and suit all different personalities and interests!

Below are some of (what we think are) the best board games for couples to play!


If you are a fan of co-operative games where you get to work together, then Pandemic might be for you. This board game is very popular – and can be a bit stressful but loads of fun.

The object of the game (for two players or up to four, if you like) is to prevent the spreads of disease around the world. You do so by choosing to be characters with different skills and playing through the event cards that change/progress the game as you go.

It’s really fun – if you’re into post-apocalyptic scenarios! Bruce has played it with a friend and they succeeded on their first round (which doesn’t usually happen)!

>> Get Pandemic here

Codenames Duet

If you want a great game for two people, check out Codenames Duet! This a bit of a mix between board game and card game but it’s simple to play, requires two people, and can go on for as long as you like!

The basics are that you must find the “agents” by giving your partner clues about the cards you both see in front of you. Each card has a word on it, and you use these to guess and communicate “in code” which cards are agents and which ones are assassins (which are bad).

Once you complete a mission, you can mark it down on the world map and play the next mission as you “travel the globe”!

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If you want to be a little more competitive, why not keep it simple? Yeah, we know – boring, right? We actually really like checkers. It’s simple to set up and easy to play. No two games are the same either. It’s a great cottage game when you don’t want to think too hard – and it plays well in candlelight, too!

If you’ve never played checkers before, the object is to hop over the other player’s moving pieces on a checkerboard. There are rules to how you can move – but that’s about it. There’s strategy involved – but it can be great, simple fun. It’s a two-person game which makes it great for couples.

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Chess, on the other hand, takes a bit more thinking. Played on the same kind of checker board – chess is similar in the fact that you eliminate the other’s person’s pieces from the board.

The difference is that chess pieces have different names, shapes, and roles – many pieces have a unique moving pattern which must be followed! It’s a two-person game that requires some heavy thinking so give it a go if you are more the academic type of couple.

PS: Chess boards are also really good decor items (if you just like the look of them for your living space!). We really like this chess board.

Card Games For Couples

Couple launching on couch and playing cards games for couples
Nothing like a handful of cards to keep you busy…

It’s amazing what you can do with a simple deck of playing cards. There are loads of fun games that use playing cards – or other decks you can buy.

Cards are great because they don’t take up too much room and offer you a variety of games all for the price of one deck! Below you can find some of our favorite card games for couples you should check out.


Cribbage looks/sounds like a game for elderly people but it’s honestly a lot of fun! This game takes a bit of thinking but nothing too strenuous so you can relax and compete as a couple while you work with numbers.

The rules can be a bit complicated but once you know how to score the hands and points it’s smooth sailing! You will also need a cribbage board/set which you can find here.

To be honest, Lisa has never played cribbage before but the board definitely looks interesting. We’ll give it a try during one of our next stay-at-home dates!

Crazy 8’s

Crazy 8’s is just one of those classic card games that are dynamic enough to be interesting and fun enough to recommend. Another plus is that you only need a standard card deck in order to play it. If you don’t have one, you can get one here!

It’s been said that Crazy 8’s is basically like Uno – which is another popular card game you need a special deck for. Check it out if you’re curious or – better yet – check out the next card game you can buy because it’s really fun, too!


Skip-Bo is one of those pre-packed card games (like Uno) that has its own set of rules and is very fun to play. Bruce grew up playing it at the cottage and so he’s also got a soft spot for it. Lisa has also played it quite a few times before and it is always great fun!

The point of Skip-Bo is to get rid of your stack of numbered cards by playing them when you can -along with the cards you hold in your hand). The cards are numbered 1 to 12, there’s a wild card called a “Skip-Bo card”, and a bunch of other rules which make it very fun.

You can play Skip-Bo as a couple but it’s also suitable for more players (we usually played with 4 and it worked well).

>>Get your deck of Skip-Bo cards here

Online Games For Couples

Man and woman sitting on couch holding gaming controllers in their hands
Those that game together, stay together…

“Online games” come in a few different forms – there are apps that can let you play together and there are traditional video games that you can play, too! We’ve listed a few different ones so that you can find a game that works well for you!

Truth or Dare

This online version of the classic game is easy to use – just visit the web page with your partner, choose your “level”, and begin! The game will walk you through! You can get started playing at the Truth or Dare website here. It also comes in app form!

How Well Do You Know Me?

This is basically an online and modern version of the classic game from the 60s through 90s – the Newlywed Game! In this version, you can download the app to your phone and answer the questions about you.

Then, your partner has to guess your answers – so hopefully they know you well enough or else you might be in for a surprise!

Check it out in the App Store here and the Google Play Store.


If you want to get to know your partner more without the fear of embarrassment, you might look into downloading Kindu.

Once you download the app and link up with your partner’s account, the app asks questions and allows you to answer freely – allowing your partner to see only the things that they like or agree to, as well!

You can check out Kindu here.

Fun Games For Couples

There are a whole bunch of fun games that don’t really fit into classic categories – so we’ve grouped some of our favorites here. They are all fun games for couples that we love playing together!


If you have never built a Jenga tower before, you are really missing out! Jenga is the classic game where you build a tower from small wooden blocks. Then, players take turns removing blocks from the base of the tower and placing them on top. It’s all about balance, strategy, and a bit of steadiness!

Jenga is actually really good with two people since you get more chances to go before someone inevitably makes the tower fall!

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If drawing is more your thing, then why not have a go at Pictionary? The classic drawing game is easy to play, fun, and can get pretty frantic when the timer starts ticking down!

Pictionary is simply where you are given a word or topic and you have to draw that thing out for your partner to guess. You can buy the actual game but you can also just play with markers and paper you have around.

It’s good for a couple or multiple couples who want to form a team and compete against other couples by drawing the same word for the whole team to guess.


The classic dice game is all about chance, luck, and a bit of thinking – which makes it a good all-around classic game to play! Once you buy the game, you’ll be shaking and rolling the dice in no time.

Yahtzee, for those that don’t know, is where you roll 5 dice out of a cup and try to fulfill different number patterns as you go based on which numbers the dice are showing you!

You keep score on a pad of paper that comes with it – and you get to determine how/where your points are scored! It’s best to just dive in and learn as you go and it takes minimal space and effort.

>>Get your Yahtzee game here

Romantic Games For Couples

Closeup of small colorful candy hearts with words on it
You have fun and get some candy, too!

If you are spending an evening “in” with just the two of you, there are loads of great games to spark that romantic vibe. From variations of classics to new games that you might not have played before, here are a few romantic and more … playful games for couples!

Sexy Scrabble

Many people have played Scrabble before – but have you played sexy Scrabble? It’s simple – all you need is a regular Scrabble Board. Except in this version, you can spell words that correspond with verbs (like kiss or lick) or body parts (like lips or …..).

Each player starts with either making a verb while the other makes a body part. Once you create an action after you both go, then you get to perform the action on your partner. So if you both play one round and come up with “lick lips” then you have to do that! If you can’t spell anything just draw another letter until you can.

In case you don’t have a normal scrabble board, you can buy one here!

20 Questions

There are lots of variation of the “question game” but this is one that you can do with your partner. In fact, you don’t even need to create 21 questions – you can do less, like 10 or 15.

What you will do is create a list of questions that you want your partner to answer. They can be anything from interesting questions that help you get to know your partner better or they can be more intimate questions like “name a part of the body you’d like to kiss”.

Strip Anything

From Strip Poker to Strip Monopoly, any game can be turned into a game where the loser of the round has to remove an article of clothing. Just use your imagination!

The Kissing Dice

For this one, you will need a set of dice. Each partner then writes down on their list (which they keep a secret) six different body parts that correspond with the six sides of the dice that they want to be kissed on themselves.

You then take turns rolling the dice. Each time, the person who rolled the number has to kiss the part on the other person that that person put down to be kissed. So basically: you roll a number but have no idea what you get to kiss on your partner. You can play until you’ve figured out what all 6 parts are for each person!

Obviously, you can/should talk about rules and boundaries beforehand so you both feel comfortable. Basically, don’t be an a**hole and write down “dick” for every number… guys.

Active Games for Couple

If board games and indoor time isn’t for you, then there are plenty of great games for couples that let you take advantage of the nice weather or fresh air outside! Many of these games are just a bit more active so they are great for parties and gatherings with others, too!

Corn Hole (Bean Bag Toss)

If you want something to do outside (perhaps with a beer or summer beverage in hand) then you should think about corn hole. Also sometimes known as bean bag toss, this game involved a set of wooden boards and some bean bags.

The object of the game is to get the bean bag through the small hole in the slanted board across from you. It’s harder than it looks! Usually, you would play for points – like first to 10 – and you’ll need an outdoor area or a large basement where you place the two boards at a distance apart that you agree on.

>>Get your corn hole set here

Water Balloon Toss

If it’s really hot outside and you are looking to cool off, you could always try a good ol’ fashioned water balloon toss with your partner. You will need a package of water balloons – the thinner kind that breaks easier than regular party balloons.

Then, once you fill some, go outside and stand across from your partner. You will toss the balloon from one partner to the other – and each time you complete a toss without the balloon breaking you will take a step backward!

You keep increasing the distance until (eventually) the balloon will be thrown and caught and it’ll break! You can mark where you both ended up and try to beat your record the next time. You can also do this with multiple couples – you just need more space and more balloons! Also, remember to clean up any small pieces of rubber when they break!

Ladder Ball

Another great outdoor summertime game that you can play as a couple is Ladder Ball. Ideally, you buy a ladder ball set but you can certainly make your own with a bit of creativity.

What you do is take turns throwing a rope with weighted balls on the end towards a small free-standing ladder with three rungs. Each rung is a different point total – say 10, 20 and 30.

You throw the rope and try to get it to wrap around one of the ladder rungs – if it stays up there, you get that amount of points. Then you switch throwers. First to a pre-determined point amount wins!

>> Get your ladder ball set here

Pop the Balloon

If you have more than one couple who is looking to get active, then you might consider a game of “pop the balloon”. The game is fairly simple – all you need is one balloon per couple and open space!

The object of the game is that couples will work together to pop the balloon – without using their hands or their feet! It makes the popping much harder to do.. and this game puts couples in silly positions trying to work together! Just remember to pick up any rubber pieces when they break!

And there you have it – some of our favorite games for couples to try out in all kinds of different situations! In the end, this is just a small sample of games. There are obviously many more (and many variations of the ones mentioned above) – but we think this list is a good place to start! Which ones do you like? Let us know!

As always, Stay Curious

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