13 Geometric Decor Pieces That Are Super Trendy

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Up Your Geometric Decor Game With These Inspirations!

Adding to your decor game can always be a challenge. That said, geometric decor pieces can be a game changer. There is no shortage of geometric decor ideas out there. The challenge becomes finding the best geometric decorative objects for your style!

But, what is geometric, anyway? What makes something “geometrically designed”? Geometric means – “characterized by or decorated with regular lines and shapes”. Well, that sounds about right! But geometric design is more than just lines and angles – it’s a statement of style, minimalism, and simplicity.

Geometric decor DIY is super popular these days. There are table decor pieces, mirrors, succulent plants, and even functional patterns for pillows and beds. A few pieces can go a long way to nailing the perfect feel for your space. 

From gold geometric decor to copper and white, there are tons of different colors available that can really make your design ideas come to life. You’ll find lots of great geometric decor items on Amazon, so that’s where we go for inspiration. 

We personally really like geometric decor, so we’ve brought together 13 of the nicest geometric decor pieces around. We also like functional pieces so – given the white walls of our flat – we think a few geo pieces would go well! Let’s get geo-designing!

1. Geometric Shapes Wall Decor

Get Me These Beautiful Shapes

Ah yes, the simplistic addition of geometry to any room. These shapes are great for so many reasons. They come in multiple colors so you can add them to any color scheme. They come in half shapes so you can choose to hang the halves on the wall or put them together into full shapes for displaying on a desk or table.

You can also (*game changer*) make them full shapes and hang from a white string in a room or above a table. Might be a good design for your dorm room!

They are light but sturdy with little clasps to keep them together! These are like a classic geometric decor starter item – but it’s easy to understand why. Try them out with your space and change it up as you get other items!

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2. Geometric Plant Pots

Order This Now

If you know us at Board and Life, you’ll know that we have a thing for plants – but we suck at keeping them alive. So, we actually wrote about houseplants you can’t kill easily  – and now we have a few cacti and other succulents that we haven’t killed yet!

We actually need to transplant the one plant cause it’s growing wayyy more than we thought it ever would and we were thinking about a nice holder for it.

These geometric white holders might the answer for us. They are simple but also really elegant. The bamboo tray is also a nice touch to break up the color and design. If you are getting started like we were recently, then check out organic succulent soil mix. It can make all the difference.

3. Geometric Woven Wall Decor

Order Woven Wall Decor

A classic piece of geometric decor – the woven wall hang. These are really popular right now because (depending on the material they are woven with) they can soften a room quite a bit.

If you hang one against exposed brick (painted or not), the contrast of the materials becomes a focal point in a living room or bedroom. You can even make one yourself – but that’s for another blog post! We actually know someone who made her own so we’ll take a photo and show you in a DIY post on home decor.

4. Geometric Hanging Mirrors

Order These Diamond Mirrors Now

The first mirror on the list – this one is not AS functional or practical as it is stylish but we love the look of diamonds so we wanted to include it. These would look great hanging anywhere – entryway, in a stairwell, a bright bathroom or bedroom, literally anywhere that begs for an accent piece on the wall. They come in two colors so buy both sets of 3 and mix it up? A set of 6 on a long wall alternating colors would look fab.

5. Geometric Wall Mirror

Order This Mirror

This is a great mirror. Again, function and style. It looks great in an entryway but is also super practical when you need one last look if you’re heading for a night out.

This model actually hands both vertical and horizontal so you don’t have to worry about the size/space of the wall you plan on hanging it on. It comes in a variety of colors as well so that’s a bonus if you have a well-defined style going on and you just want to add to it!

6. Geometric Jewelry Tray

Order This Gorgeous Prism

Do you just toss your jewelry in a bowl on the top of the dresser? Be honest – do you? Lisa does.. and she admits that if she had something nicer, she would make the effort to place her accessories on/in it. Well, behold the prism tray!

The design is beautiful and almost forces you to be more careful when you take off your jewelry. Something about placing them down nicely instead of throwing them in a bowl feels more organized!

If you have more hanging items, consider this gorgeous prism stand as another accessory to add to your decor. Remember, it’s all about function here – but these items don’t let you forget style. Which is always nice.

7. Geometric Wire Hexagon Shelves

Order The Hexagons for Your Room

As the first shelf item we mention on this list, it’s definitely a more functional item. That said, we love hexagons and the heaviness of the wire so we wanted to include it.

Also, designing in sets of three is definitely in right now (and will likely not go out of style any time soon). These shelves have easy wall mounts – you just need a few screws. Alternatively, you can stack them or place them on a shelf in a row for a cute set of organizers.

These shelves would be great with something earthy – like a wooden material. In an office, they might be functional and also go well with a wooden desk organizer. In a living room, they might just be for decor purposes. Whatever your usage, you get three sturdy pieces to use to accent your room with a touch of black.

8. Geometric Shag Area Rug

Get This Plushness on my Feet

The first rug on our list – but for good reason. We love the deep blues and the thick white lines that intersect in the design. This rug is also super shagged – meaning it’s going to be plush on your feet. Imagine a hug for your feet. That’s what this rug will do.

This rug also comes in SO many shapes and dimensions – circles, squares, and rectangles of all different sizes! It’s great for under a couch or at the foot of a comfy corner chair so that it’s the first thing your feet land on when they touch the floor. You might have to vacuum it more often but for the look and the comfort, the upkeep is definitely worth it!

9. Geometric Triangular Shelf

Order Your Triangular Shelf

We’re usually all about function here at B & L. That’s why we love this triangular shelf. You get decent wall storage with a great deal of strength (cause the shape is a triangle) in such a compact area.

We’re also a fan of black cause you can use it with a variety of decorative patterns and colors. Black becomes your anchor in a white/light room, and can really add an accent to a room – like an office or kitchen with a white desk or cabinets.

Truth be told, there are LOTS of great geometric shelving ideas on the market right now. Many are straight metal but other will give you a few wooden planks to span the shelves. Check out this gorgeous octagon shelf if you need more storage space!

10. Geometric Canvas Decor

Order This Canvas Now

If you aren’t sure about going full-geometric on your first purchase, then a simple canvas with geometric-inspired designs can be a great start. These canvases are simple, light, hang basically anywhere, and can add a little decor to any room: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, sunroom, wherever.

They come in different colors and designs so if you already have a decor going on you can simply add to it! These are also easy to hang because they are just so light.

11. Geometric Pattern Duvet

Order Fresh Geometric Bedding

Want to sleep in the power of shapes? Then get yourself some geometric bedding! But seriously, this is a great look. Depending on your bedroom colors, white bedding might not go but we think that the black lines creating shapes make the design perfect for adding detail to a bland room. Also, the pillow shams are AMAZING. Also, machine washable. Always good to know!

12. Geometric Tribal Design Rug

Order a Rug and Make Your Room a Wow

The truth about rugs: they can be expensive. The other truth about rugs: they are more than just a rug. The right rug serves a purpose beyond just being comfy on your feet or great as a runner in an entryway.

Rugs do much more. The right design and color of the rug can literally change the look and feel of a room. You can change a bland room and create a space that you absolutely love to be in with one rug purchase. Rugs are powerful.

What we’re trying to say is a geometric rug can add a good amount of pop and flare to a bland room. Given the right accessories (like matching geometric pillows), you can transform a room in a few seconds. We love this “Southwestern” design – and we think you might, too!

13. Geometric Terrarium

Buy This Terrarium Now

And last – but certainly not least – we end on the terrarium in the photograph. We love the look and design of the sphere shape. It’s great for holding a succulent that won’t grow too much. If you want to get started down that route, you’ll need a soil and rock starter kit!

You could also display the terrarium with a candle inside as a simple and elegant centerpiece on a table. You can also just fill it with sand, other gems, or even use it for functional storage of smaller items on a dresser.

In the end, it’s a beautiful addition to your decor and comes in different styles and colors of metal. Check them out – you’ll probably find one you like!

And there you have it – 13 of the best geometric decor pieces that we could muster up. Honestly, we really like all of these pieces – and we think that given our white walls, we’re going to try out some wall decor first.

If we do, we’ll let you know how it goes in another post! Do you have a thing for geometric decor? Let us know in the comments your experience with geo designs!

As always, Stay Curious,

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