13 Great Gifts For Tea Drinkers In Your Life

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Great Gifts For Tea Lovers are Just an Infuser Away! 

If you need a great gift for the tea lover in your life, we know how difficult that can be. Often times, tea drinkers HAVE everything they need to make great tea. Right? Well, here at Board and Life, we’re trying to break that trend by offering up a few different gift ideas.

Lisa is a huge tea fan (these are some of her favorite tea flavors) so she’s channeled her inner tea lover to curate a few awesome gift ideas in different price ranges! 

From the classic tea lover’s gift set to gift baskets that you can create yourself, there honestly is no shortage of great gifts. You can totally do a DIY gift for a tea lover by combining many little gifts – but we talk about that below!

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Things to Consider When Buying Gifts For Tea Drinkers

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before you buy a tea-based gift for a tea lover. Let’s break them down one by one below!

Price/Quality. We have broken down the gifts into price categories from lowest to highest. Lowest doesn’t mean “cheap” as in bad quality, but more that they are smaller gifts that can be added in addition to a larger gift.

More expensive pot, infusers, mugs, sets, etc are higher in price for a reason – generally, they are a good quality product that lasts. These make great gifts – BUT make sure your tea lover doesn’t already have a go-to item like a post they always use! Otherwise, they might not use yours!

Ingredients. If you do end up buying actual tea leaves or loose leaf tea itself, then you will definitely want to consider what ingredients are used in the tea productions and the flavors you are buying. You tea lover will likely have a distinct tea tasting palate so try to get a sense of what that is!

Purpose.Obviously, this is an important one. You do need to consider who you are buying for and whether they have a similar item. If they do, and you buy them another one, the likelihood that your gift will sit on a shelf is high.

There is also a difference in tea gear that they use personally while alone versus something they would offer to another person who is perhaps visiting.

Affordable Gifts For Tea Drinkers

Cheap gifts for tea drinkers are simple additions to larger gifts. They can also make great stocking stuffers – or bundle a few of them together for a tea-based gift pack that you built yourself. There is no harm in a bunch of useful little tea gifts.

Tea mug with tea infuser and spoon on blue cloth gifts for tea lovers
A simple tea infuser can go a long way to pleasing a tea lover!

Mid-range Gifts For Tea Drinkers

Mid-range gifts for tea drinkers can also be quite simple. There are plenty of great gifts that, depending on who they are for, can be the primary gift or still act as an accessory piece to a larger gift.

Often times, these mid-range gifts are accessories like cups, books, mugs, etc. In fact, we have a whole post on really funny mugs if you want to include that in your gift set!

Glass mug with tea lemon and honey on blue wood background
Never underestimate the power of a good teacup.

High-End Gifts For Tea Drinkers

If you are looking to spend a bit more on that tea-based gift, there are some of the best gifts for the ultimate tea lover in your life. These sets or pots are great to look at and are – most importantly – super functional for serving loads of high-quality tea!

Glass tea pot and mug with tea and flowers in front of wood background
Those fancier tea items look amazing – and are functional, too!

A Tea Tasting Experience

While tea-based gifts usually come in the form of accessories or products, you can always invest in a great tea tasting experience around your city or a city you are planning to visit. Check below for some great examples of tea tasting & walking tours in amazing cities that you can book ahead and enjoy!

Walking Tour and Food/Tea Tasting in New York

San Francisco Chinatown Tour and Tea Tasting

Morning Food and Tea Tour in Boston

Morning Tea Tour of Perth

And there you have it – 13 gift ideas for the tea lover in your life and on your list this year. In the end, there are plenty of different great gifts that you can’t go wrong with.

Just make sure they will use it and don’t already have one of what you are buying! What did you end up buying and giving to your tea lover? Get in touch and let us know – we’d love to know their reaction!

As always, Stay Curious,

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