7 Good First Date Ideas That Your Date Will Actually Enjoy

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Looking for Good First Date Ideas? Read on!

There are plenty of ideas out there for a first date – but which ones are the best or the most popular? Choosing a first date idea can be tricky since you absolutely have to keep in mind both your unique interests and personalities. What works for one date might not work for another!

Another trick to a good first date idea is planning for the season you are in. First date ideas in the winter are going to be drastically different than first date ideas in the summer or at night versus during the day! Picnics don’t usually work in the wintertime.

So, if you need good first date ideas, we’ve pulled together a few of the best ones that are free or paid! These ideas are also more for young adults but many of them can be for college students or high schoolers (not the drinking one). Think of these things as good first date ideas that 20-year-olds would enjoy!

Go to a Cooking Class

man and woman wearing aprons cooking together good first date ideas
Nothing like working together – and eating the results!

This one is definitely trending in recent years with the increased interest in food (and taking photos of that food!). Attending a cooking class is a fun way to spend time together in a guided activity but still get your own space.

Cooking is also a great way to assess personality, too. It’s a task that can be done as a team, and this can help you to assess chemistry early on. It’s also a great way to see who can cook and who can’t!

The act of creating something together (and then usually enjoying it for dinner after) is definitely a bonding experience. It can obviously go wrong if someone in the pair hates cooking, but then you just wouldn’t do this idea and move to another one!

Go to an Amusement Park/Fair

man and woman walking together in front of carousel good first date ideas
Heading to the fair is always fun and energetic!

What can be more fun than going to the fair?! Lights, sounds, laughs, screams – it’s a paradise for fun-loving people. This date idea is obviously dependent on if you have a town fair or an amusement park near you but you can always make the trip to one. It can be part of the adventure!

Amusement parks/fairs are also good because they can suit most interests. Want a sweet treat? You can find it. Want to play a game? You got it. Want to ride something fun or thrilling? You can find that, as well! Even just walking around experiencing the atmosphere can be enough to provide you and your date the backdrop for a nice day or evening.

Plan for Dinner and Drinks

man and woman sitting at date table n distance with candle light
The classic combination can be a great date idea.

While most dates are a typical “grab a drink at a bar”, this date idea is different. Planning an evening with dinner AND drinks is a sure-fire idea that can lock in a night experience rather than a quick date – if that is what you and your date are looking for!

This idea isn’t just “let’s grab food”. This is “let’s go to a restaurant we want to try and then plan for drinks at another place”. It sets up a mini itinerary, allows you to try two different places, and is a great way to include two ideas into one.

This kind of date can be simple street food or a nice sit-down dinner. Likewise, the place for drinks can be a local dive bar or a fancy cocktail place. You can cater to your style and interests!

Give Back to the Community

hands holding paint brushes painting wall white
Does a wall need painting? Grab a brush and get going!

Are you and your date looking to do something on the date and passionate about your community? You might consider spending your date giving back in some way, shape, or form! You can always volunteer at the local animal shelter to see if they need a hand for a few hours.

Perhaps a local group is planting trees or repainting a wall or mural? Maybe you can help members of the homeless community through an organization in your area. There are plenty of ways you can give back in you and your date are interested in being selfless for a few hours.

These kinds of experiences can also leave a good first impression if you truly care about the causes. If you use this idea to bullsh*t your date into think that volunteering is important to you, you will get burned sooner or later.

Go For a Hike/Long Walk

man and woman walking on hike in forest good first date ideas
A nature hike isn’t a bad idea!

If you and your date want to get active, one idea is to go for a day hike/mini-adventure. Some areas are full of places and trails to go hiking that few locals actually take advantage of. Depending on where you live, you are sure to find a walkway or hike that can take you to a lake, a high lookout point, or otherwise.

As long as you plan ahead and have the right gear – like hiking shoes – and are dressed for the weather/season, you should be good to go! Hiking allows for lots of time to chat about lots of different things – just be sure to go at a pace that is comfortable for both of you. Plus, there are tons of benefits to hiking that you might not have known about!

Go on a Photo Tour

couple embracing in hug with flower standing in green field good first date ideas
Your town or city likely has some great photo spots!

Given that photos play a huge part of our daily lives now, you might consider a photo tour of your town or city to get a different perspective of the place! If you and your date are interested in photography and have real cameras (not just smartphones) then a date like this might be an even better idea to be able to share your passion and photo tips.

With taking photos, there is something about creating things together that can be a bonding experience beyond the usual talk and chatter or a regular date. Plus, if the future goes well – you’ve got photos from your first date to share with people and keep for great memories!

Do Something Fun + Active

two people ice skating on ice rink
Ice skating can be lots of fun – even if you aren’t very good!

Being active through a game or sports activity is a great way to get engages with your date. Plus, a bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone. You can even place small bets – if your date is comfortable with that!

Ideas in this category would be things like playing mini-golf, going ice skating (season and arena depending), or going bowling. Of course, you might have other activities local to your area or city so have a quick Google if that is what you want to do!

And there you have it – 7 good first date ideas that we would come up with. In the end, there are lots of ideas out there – you just have to pick the one for you and your date, your interests, and price range! Heading out on a first date soon? Get in touch and let us know – we’d love to hear how it went!

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