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The Cutest Hooded Beach Towels Your Kids Will Love This Summer

Here Are Some the Best Hooded Beach Towels Out There!

Let’s face it – you don’t just want a normal kids beach towel, do you? Your kids want a hooded beach towel poncho that does it all! From mermaids to sharks, dinosaurs and seahorses – there are designs to cater to all interests and age groups.

It seems like every grown-up wishes that they made more hooded beach towels for adults. Unfortunately for us – but fortunately for kids – hooded beach ponchos and hooded towel ponchos are stylish, fun, and do their job to keep little ones warm and dry.

Below, you’ll find all the details you need to consider before you buy. We did our best to give you the brief specs on these different hooded towels but be sure to check the different styles and colours available! Ready? Let’s get summer shopping!

Which Hooded Beach Towels to Choose?

Buying a towel should be a pretty simple process if you’re not too picky – but there are a few things that you’ll want to consider before buying anything that’s going to keep your kid warm and dry.

Style. There are two main styles of towels – a basic towel with hood and poncho.

  • The basic towel with hood is a normal towel that wraps around the back with an open front. Depending on the season, the wind, and your kid’s preferences, this might be the style of towel you want. An advantage of this towel is that it opens flat to be able to lay on it and this area will be larger than with a poncho towel.
  • The poncho with hood is an “over the head” version that ensures that your kid is bundled and warm since the ere’s not front opening. The hood serves the same purpose as with the towel to keep the hair and ears warm. The potential downside is that since some of them can come with folds or stitches that make the towel a great poncho shape, it might not open up as wide for laying on at the beach as a classic towel. Just something to consider!

Age. Probably goes without saying, but kids grow fast. Depending on age, these towels are made for certain heights.

Size. Goes along with age. The standard dimensions of the towels are around 24 in x 46 in but these dimensions vary and should be noted before you buy.

Fabric. Many of these towels are 100% cotton but some are made from blends. The fabric of the towel can affect the drying time and the warmth of the towel.

Dyes. Considering all factors, the dyes used to colour these awesome patterns should be considered since children can have allergic reactions to lots of different stimuli these days. Most consumer towels will be fine but read the reviews and consult the materials list if you have any concerns.

Machine Washable. While most towels made of cotton will be machine washable, there can be detailing or trim on a specific towel that isn’t made for the machine (eg. ears, tails, fur, etc).

Brands of Hooded Beach Towels

Below, you’ll find some of the most popular brands for hooded beach towels. Stephen Joseph has a variety of patterns and designs for all children. Our favourites from Stephen Joseph: Shark, Seahorse, and CrabNorthpoint is another brand with a few great poncho towels like their DolphinBavilk and Athaelay makes a variety of lightweight poncho-style towels that come in patterns for all kids from Dinosaur to Mermaid.

To have aa look at the different options and their prices, you can compare the styles and brands below on our handy chart. Feel free to click through for more details, prices, and availability.

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And there you have it – some of the best hooded beach towels that your kids will absolutely love this summer. We honestly wish that there was really good hooded beach towels for adults because we would buy them in a heartbeat. Hopefully, you find something that fits your kids’ needs this summer.

As always, Stay Curious (and Dry!),

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Cute Hooded Beach Towels Your Kids Will Love