How To Give Each Other Space In A Relationship

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Wondering How To Give Space In A Relationship? Here Are Our Tips!

Space is important in all relationships. The tricky part is defining how much you and your partner need and what that space looks like for you both! There is a difference between giving each other space in a relationship (which will strengthen it, overall) and giving up on a relationship. Space isn’t always a bad thing.

For this article, we’re talking about “giving space” in a healthy relationship. We are talking about little things you can do when you live together and/or spend a lot of time together. When your relationship is on its last leg anyway, giving each other space won’t magically fix it.

Here at Board and Life, we live together in a small apartment AND also work together so as you can imagine we spend A LOT of time together. That’s why it is sometimes really important to give each other space. So, here are a few things that we do/have noted to be important when it comes to giving space!

Remember: Don’t take your partner wanting space personally – it is most likely not because you did anything wrong. Some people just require time on their own every once in a while – especially if they are an introvert like Lisa.

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Talk About How Much Space You Need/Want

Woman and man sitting and talking to each other with window in background
Communicating is key…

When it comes to defining “space” in your relationship, you absolutely have to discuss it. You will never get anywhere with the space you need (or know how much space to give your partner) if you don’t address the topic.

Communicating can be difficult – even awkward at times – but every healthy relationship involves a heavy element of talking.

Defining your space is critical in setting realistic expectations for both partners to meet. If you don’t define the space needed, this is where miscommunication occurs – and can ultimately lead to a break!

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Have Your Own Hobbies

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Getting outdoors is a good way to create and give space!

One great way to create space (healthy space) in your relationship is to form and maintain your own hobbies. It’s obviously great if you and your partner are able to do many things together.

That said, you still need things that are rightfully “yours” that you can do to help keep/form your identity. These pieces of your identity are critical for maintaining your space in a relationship when you need it.

Some hobbies are great because they physically take you outside the house. Things like exercise where you go for runs, go to the yoga studio, or play sports are great ways to create space and do things that help take care of you and your body.

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When Your Partner Is With Friends, Don’t Text

Three woman looking at each other while holding pots and plants in their hands gardening
Spending time with friends is important, too.

This can be a super difficult one for some people – but it’s an important one. Texting gives us a direct line into people’s lives (and their pockets). While this is good sometimes, it’s not always great to be constantly texting your partner. This is especially true when they are out with their friends.

Usually, friend time is a good time for healthy seperation from your partner. Of course, you can maintain friendships together but ultimately it’s important to keep friends that are just yours.

When you are seeing them – or when your partner is with his/her friends – don’t be tempted to check in by texting. Texting only infuses yourself into their life at moments wen you should be separate.

There is healthy texting – like checking int to make sure you made it some place safely – but a constant inquiry about what is going on can be a bit burdensome.. for BOTH people. As the texter, you also need to focus on “you” time while your partner is away for a bit!

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Be Encouraging

Woman with hat sitting on ground covered in fall leaves and reading a book
Be encouraging of space – even though it can be hard to do!

One of the best ways that you can create space is to be encouraging of the other person wanting it. We know that this can be hard – since creating space can feel like you are pushing them away/being pushed away. But trust us on this one.

For example, wanting space is a healthy thing for people. So, instead of thinking of space as a negative, make it a positive. Say something like “I understand that you need space – and I know that that means you are not pushing me away”. That conscious understanding and articulation of needs/wants can make all the difference.

Most of the time, the partner looking for more space will be delighted that you (the partner how needs to give more space) is acknowledging their wants and needs in your relationship. Overall, this is a good trait to promote… even though it sometimes can feel like pushing away!

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Talk About Your Feelings

Two people sitting on floor with guitair on their lap how to give space in relationship
Talking about your feelings can help you stay connected…

A good way to create and give space is to regularly talk about your feelings. This constant discussion will help you figure out whether you are giving each other a “normal amount of space” that is healthy for a relationship or if one of you is drifting away.

While some amount of space is good, giving each other too much space can make you feel disconnected from each other – which is not what you want!

That’s why it is important to regularly talk about your feelings for each other but also if you have feelings about your partner spending too much time away. If he/she is coming home late every night, forgets important dates such as your anniversary or birthday, then there might be bigger issues in your relationship.

And there you have it – a few tips we have for creating and giving space in a relationship. Now, these are just a few – and these are from our experiences. Every relationship is different and every person is different! Just be sure to communicate openly and you will solve many problems before they ever arise!

As always, Stay Curious,

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How to give each other space in a relationship