9 Long Distance Date Ideas That Will Keep The Romance Alive

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Here Are Some Great Long Distances Date Ideas That You’ll Both Love!

Looking for sweet date ideas for long distance relationships? You are certainly not alone! Having started off long distance, too – we know how tough it can be to spend time together long distance. Luckily, there are loads of creative ways to go on a date long distance.

A huge help for us was Skype. There are plenty of things to do in a long distance relationship over Skype – from creative Skype date ideas to just hanging out. That said, we usually just spent hours on Skype – hanging out was enough!

So, here are a few virtual date ideas from a long distance date box to other ideas that also work when it’s your first date long distance!

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Send Each Other “Date Boxes”

Candle with fruit and glass of red liquid on crate with sand and water in background
Sending each other “date boxes” can be lots of fun…

One of the best ideas out there is a sending your partner a “date box”. What’s a date box? That’s a great question – let us explain! Basically, it’s a “date in a box” and that means that you send them a package filled with everything they need for a date/experience!

For example, you might send your partner all the ingredients they need to cook their favorite meal. Another great idea is sending your partner a bath bomb, a loofah, and some candles for a relaxing spa/bath evening.

There are so many ideas for what can go in a date box that the options are basically endless. If your partner likes arts and crafts, you can even send them things to be creative like adult coloring books and coloring pencils!

Write Your Own Book/Journal

Woman sitting on grass with notebook and pen in hand
Create a story together or write about your experiences … it’s up to you!

Writing together is a great way to stay connected even though you are long distance. This is actually super easy to do – and writing down thoughts and ideas can be very therapeutic and expressive. So, you can journal together or you can even write a book together!

These days, this is easy to do – technology has caught up for sure! That said, you don’t even need any fancy editing software – you can just use Google Docs if you want to!

If you want to go for a book, you can basically write it chapter for chapter online one after another. This is kind of an ongoing “date” and you could make time every once in a while to go through it together.

If you wanted to be super creative, you could even think about writing a journal together. What you can do is to write in a beautiful journal one after the other, and then mail it back and forth.

This would be like a form of “pen pal” but in the end, you’d have a journal that you have written together and you get to keep it forever!

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Play A Game

Two hands touching at fingertips with blurry background long distance relationship
Playing a game together is not impossible when you’re apart.

If you want to keep things fun with your date, you can always try playing a game together. This can be done in a few different ways.

If you wanted to play a board game, one interpretation is to basically both buy the game, set up the game board, and then play together over Skype.

It works well with board games where dice are involved. The only different is when your partner rolls and has to move their piece, you mirror that movement on your game board, too.

Then when it’s your turn, they will move your piece on their board! Pretty smart, eh? A great one is Yahtzee – it’s all dice rolling!

Have A Movie Night

Having a movie night together never gets old…

This one is a classic and simple idea but thank you Netflix for making it SO easy to do! For this one, all you have to do is open up Netflix and Skype at the same time.

Then, choose a movie you both want to watch and put the movie as the large window and keep your partner in the small one! Just make sure to start the move at the exact same time!

You can even grab snacks – like yummy cheese popcorn – that you can eat for maximum movie enjoyment!

Cook Your Favorite Recipes Together

Birds eye view of cutting boards vegetables and spaghetti on wood counter
If you enjoy cooking, this is a great long distance date idea!

If you and your partner are both into food, one great date idea is cooking together. This can happen in a bunch of ways – you can both choose the same meal, buy the same ingredients, and cook the same meal together (over Skype or FaceTime).

Another version of this is that you both cook your favorite meal so taht you get to eat what you love – and you can share the cooking process with your partner. You could even have your partner choose a recipe for you and then you have to make that!

In either case, you can then eat the meal together which is always nice. It’s like you are out for dinner and spending the evening on an intimate date… plus you get to eat dinner which is always necessary in the evening!

This one can be tricky if you are in different time zones so consider one person making lunch and the other making dinner… or even one making breakfast and the other making dinner if you are on opposite sides of the world!

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Man with headphones videochatting with woman on laptop long distance
We video-chatted almost daily when we were in a long distance relationship.

This one might sound pretty boring – but just plain old video-chatting and talking about your day can be super important for keeping your relationship alive. There are loads of good ways to do this now – from FaceTime to Whatsapp, to Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts!

Basically just connecting on a frequent basis face-to-face (digitally) is really important. It can make your partner feel included in your life even when they are not physically there.

For us, we used Skype a lot. We got to the point where we Skyped every single day. This was because we started off long distance and lived in different countries.

One time (yes, this actually happened), Bruce even took a nap while Lisa was studying.. while we were both on Skype. It was like we were hanging out which was nice.

You can even “go for drinks” by having both of you grab a beverage you like and drinking it while on Skype. Think of it like going for drinks at the bar – but cheaper and more intimate!

Plan Your Next Vacation Together

Photo of word map with camera sunglasses hat seashells and more on top long distance date ideas
Planing a vacation together gives you something to look forward to!

Another fun idea is to plan your next vacation together. Whether it’s a warm and dreamy beach destination or it’s a snowy winter wonderland, dream destinaitons are different for every couple!

Sometimes, the act of thinking about a time when/where you are physically together can make all the difference when you are apart. You can look up locations, accommodations you’d want to stay at, activities you might get up to, and more.

We kind of did this – because we ACTUALLY went on a trip together very early on in our relationship.

We hadn’t known each other for too long but we planned it out beforehand, took a leap, and traveled through a few countries together. The trip was great – and it made us sad that we had to be apart again.

Luckily, those days are behind us and we live together now and we couldn’t be happier. Just goes to show that we knew how perfect we were for one another and distance just didn’t matter to us – we knew we’d be together someday!

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Show Your Partner Your Neighborhood

Photo of neighbourhood houses with tree in front
Showing your partner more of your daily life can help you feel more connected…

If your partner is unfamiliar with where you live (this could be your house, neighborhood, or country) then a good way to connect with them long distance is to show them around on a virtual tour! Your neighborhood is a great place to start!

These days, lots of phone plans have a ton of data so you could absolutely take your significant other on a walk and show him or her around your neighborhood if they have never been there.

If you are both from the same city originally or your partner has visited you multiple times before then you could take him/her to one of your favorite spots in your city.

Now, keep in mind this is something we would only recommend for couples in a committed relationship – not for “first-time” dates. There are weird people out there and you don’t want to share exactly where you live with a complete stranger online.

Draw Together

Black and white drawing of city long distance ideas
If you’re not that creative, try one of these drawing apps – they can be loads of fun!

One of the things that we really liked to do when we were apart was to draw together. Something about creating something was special and made us feel closer. Luckily, technology to the rescue.. again!

There are lots of great apps out there that allow you to draw pictures together in real time. There are probably also websites with which you can do the same but we haven’t had a look because we already had a solution.

We have used the app Couple in the past and it can be a lot of fun drawing a picture together while being in different locations.

The app also has something called “thumb kiss” where you can tap the screen with your finger and it sends a “kiss” in real-time so it’s kinda like you are kissing at that exact moment. Just try it and you’ll see what we mean!

And there you have it – 9 of the best long diatance date ideas that we’ve heard about or done before! Not all of these are going to work for everyone – so try them out with your significant other and see what you like! Let us know how it goes!

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