21 Thoughtful Long Distance Relationship Gifts

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Need Long Distance Relationship Gifts? Great Ideas Await!

Are you dating someone long distance and need a great gift? You are not alone! From bracelets to pillows, small tech and more – there are loads of great gift ideas for long distance relationships. The trick is getting something that works and has meaning for your guy or girl!

We know how difficult dating long distance can be. Bruce sent Lisa a stuffed animal and a card early on for her birthday. In fact, the animal – a penguin – is something we still have and cherish today years later!

So, whether you are buying for a boyfriend, girlfriend, married partner or otherwise, here is our list of long-distance gift ideas. Remember: DIY gifts usually pack the most meaning!

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Things to Consider When Looking For Long Distance Relationship Gifts

When purchasing gifts for your long distance love, there are a few things you should think about. First and foremost, you need to think about your person – more specifically whether the gift fits their interests and personality. If they like practical gifts, buy something useful. If they like sentimental items, buy accordingly!

Another thing to consider when buying gifts is your budget. Not knowing how much you want to spend can actually make the decision process so much harder. So, set a budget and stick to it – this way you will not even look at gifts that fall outside of it!

One of the most important factors if you are sending gifts long distance is whether or not the gift will survive the mail/postal service! If you send a breakable mug, make sure that it is wrapped well so it can take a few bounces, for example.

DIY Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Ink with fountain pen and ink splotches on white background long distance gifts
A DIY gift is always a great idea!

A DIY or Do It Yourself gift is always a great idea because often these kinds of gifts have the most meaning for your person. There are lots of great ideas for DIY gifts that you send long distance so check these out below!

Love Messages

Love messages are a simple way to send a meaningful gift to someone that you can’t be with physically. This gift can take many forms.

You might choose to send a bunch of little messages with certain dates that they need to be opened on, or you can send mini-messages that are more “situational” and to be opened when your person is feeling sad, happy, it’s raining out, etc. Be creative and speak from the heart – and you won’t go wrong!

Photo Album With Your Pictures

If visuals are more your thing, then why not send along a photo album that you filled yourself? These days, physical photos are hard to come by so the act of printing them out and having them to actually hold and look at (compared to on a phone) is extra special.

Of course, the size of the album will dictate the price to send it in the mail but that’s for you to figure out and determine if it’s a good gift for you and your person.

DIY Care Package

Care packages are also a good idea because you can fill them with whatever your person likes and send it along! From their favorite foods or snacks to little memories and messages, the things to put in a care package are endless.

Collection Of Songs

Music is another great way to express your love and feelings for someone – so why not send along some song ideas? You can be creative – like mail a list of songs with dates to listen to them on.

You can even write down the significance of the song and a little extra messaging so that your person feels the connection when they listen to it!

Memory Jar

Lastly, a memory jar is a good way to send along a bunch of fun and meaningful memories for your person to have/look at whenever they feel sad or lonely without you.

The best part is that you can fill it with whatever is meaningful to you – a receipt from your first date, a ticket stub, a stone from the beach you both love, etc. Be creative!

For this, you might need a mason jar – and be sure to wrap it safely if you mail it!

Affordable Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Brown teddy bear with scarf sitting on white window sill
How can you resist that smile?!

On the cheaper side of long distance relationship gifts, there is no shortage of great ideas. From meaningful stuffed items to practical gear like a passport holder (to be used when you visit one another!), check out these ideas. Feel free to combine one or more into a complete gift package!

Mid-Range Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Envelopes marshmallows and macaroons in cups with cappuccino on white table
There are many different ideas for long distance relationship gifts…

Mid-range gifts for your special person can take many forms. The ideas below are ones that could act as standalone gifts – or you can combine two smaller ones together to form a larger gift! We like the idea of a joint journal – playing pen pal would be super fun!

High-End Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Finally, we come to the high-end gifts – and there are some great ones on this list. These are the kinds of gifts that usually cost a bit more – but they pack a punch (in a good way). Definitely check out the lamps – we think they are super cute and very meaningful!

And there you have it – some of the best long distance gifts that we can think of. There are loads of great ideas on here that we’re confident you’ll find a great idea that works for your person! Let us know how it goes!

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