35 Perfect Picture Captions for Girls

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Rounding up the Best Picture Captions for Girls Here at B&L!

Let’s face it – these days, captions are just as important (maybe even more important) than the photo itself. From Instagram to a Facebook profile picture, captions have the ability to convey so much meaning. That’s the power of words – or lack of them!

Captions for girls come in all shapes and sizes. You might be looking for a short caption for a profile picture, while some might be looking for cute captions for girls or ones for girls with attitude! Whatever your style and your intent, we’re here to help you find the perfect caption for that photo you’re posting. From Instagram captions for friends to photo of yourself, we’ve got you covered, ladies!

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So, are you ready to get started? Here are 35 of the best (mostly Board and Life original) picture captions for girls! We break them down into different styles and themes to make it even easier! Let’s get posting!

Short Caption For Profile Picture

Woman sitting on rock looking out at hilly landscape in background
Just waiting for the stars to align.

Sometimes, less is truly actually more! Ladies, if you’re looking for a short caption for that great profile photo, you might find one below!

  • “Just trying on my best “me” today. Hopefully, it still fits!”
  • “The truth is that everyone can be great.”
  • “Just waiting for the stars to align.”
  • “And there she was, standing on the edge of the world. And that was okay.”
  • “This is just me, myself, and I.”
  • “Sometimes I’m afraid of falling – but I’ll take the chance to soar.”

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Photos Captions for Girls With Attitude

Woman in white bathing suite and white hat on sandy beach with water and blue sky in background
A dash of fierce and a bit of sass.

If your photo is a little bit edgier and you want something that speaks volumes, a caption with attitude might be for you:

  • “A dash of fierce and a bit of sass.”
  • “It’s called excellence. But, there’s a chance you wouldn’t know.”
  • “Get out of way. No, seriously.”
  • “I don’t do drama. I get to work.”
  • “The passionate shall rule the day – that is, of course, if you dare to play”.
  • “When fire meets ice – you know who is gonna win.”
  • “Sometimes I think about being someone else. Then I think, “Hmm, better not”.”

Selfie Captions for Girls

Woman laughing and taking a photo of herself captions for girls
Holding the camera with two hands – check!

Taking the perfect selfie is an art form, and the caption to go with it is essential for the perfect post. If you need a selfie caption, we’re here for you, girls. Here are just a few of our favorites since we’re writing a whole guide on selfie captions soon.

  • “I am a star – and I’ll keep on shining bright”
  • “Do you even know who you are anymore? Does anyone? I think I do. I hope I do”.
  • “Remember – be proud of that human smiling back at you.”
  • “It takes courage to present the “real you” to the world these days. Step up – and unveil.”

Cute Captions for Girls

Woman with dark hair looking at camera with field and flowers in background
Finding cute wherever I go.

There is certainly no shortage of cute captions for girls. We’re only going to list a few here because we want to save some for a massive list we are creating for another post on just cute captions!

  • “Sunsets are like my lifeblood. They fill me with something I need but can’t explain.”
  • “The world is full of color – just be brave enough to want to paint”.
  • “I just wish my entire world was dog cuddles.”
  • “Finding cute wherever I go.”
  • “Sometimes, I envy rainbows – they always show their true colors and don’t care who knows it.”

Song Lyric Captions for Girls

Woman with dress hat and suitcase walking in field captions for girls
“Who run the world? Girls.” – Beyonce, Run The World

We love song lyrics. Songs just have a way of conveying our feelings in a way that only words cannot. So, here are some of our favorite song lyrics that any girl can use in her next caption. We plan on writing a longer post about song lyric captions so check back if you need!

  • “Looks like a girl, but she’s a flame, So bright, she can burn your eyes” – Alicia Keys, Girl on Fire
  • “The night is still young, and so are we!” – Nicki Minaj, The Night is Still Young
  • “First things first – I’m the realest” – Iggy Azalea, Fancy
  • “I’m in my own lane, you ain’t in my category.” – Nicki Minaj, HOV Lane
  • “Who run the world? Girls.” – Beyonce, Run The World

Instagram Captions for Girl Friends

Backs of two girls sitting on grass and hugging each other picture captions for girls
With this one, it’s always smiles. Honestly.

Finding the right Instagram caption for friends doesn’t have to be difficult. There are definitely some classics below but hopefully, you’ll find a few new ones you might not have known before! Friend captions are super popular so we’ll bring you a larger list in the near future and link back when it’s done!

  • “The moment we met was the exact same moment we realized we were supposed to be friends.”
  • “You’re my ‘spend Sunday eating ice cream in a jumpsuit’ kind of friend.”
  • “We’re like two peas in a pod. Except the pod is just us hugging. Like all the time.”
  • “I can’t imagine my world without my pack. This is my girl pack.”
  • “With this one, it’s always smiles. Honestly.”
  • “We go together like nachos and guac. Great, aaaaand now we’re hungry.”
  • “Even after years and years, our friendship keeps on ticking.”

And there you have it – some of the best picture captions for girls that we could come up with! What do you think? Any of these work for you? Feel free to copy and paste the ones that you like into your captions. We don’t mind!

Just remember to give the credit to the original source (if there is one). It’s nice to acknowledge hard work and this will make you more genuine, as well!

As always, Stay Curious,

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