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12 Rose Gold Decor Items That Make Your Home Look Luxurious

We Love Rose Gold Decor – Here are Some of Our Favorites!

Whether you are looking for rose gold wall decor or living room decor ideas, there are lots of great rose gold decor ideas out there! Lisa really likes rose gold – and Bruce is warming up to the idea of the color. We think it’s great for small accent pieces but you can certainly do up a room with larger pieces of rose gold decor!

Rose gold is also super popular as a design color for a party since it’s a good mix of fun and classy! So, before you run out to Target to buy what you need, check out a few of our favorite decor items to get you started. We go room for room – from the living room to bedroom and more!

Rose Gold Living Room Accessories

Doing up a living room with rose gold accessories is all about balance. Ideally, you balance rose gold decor with lighter, pastel shades. Depending on the finish of the decor item and the lighting in the room, each configuration is going to be different!

Geometric Lights

Get These Lights Now

Okay – confession: we have a thing for geometric designs. So much so that we wrote a whole article on geometric decor items. That said, these lights are an amazing mix of style and function that we think would go great in lots of different rooms.

Lisa really likes them – and we want to order them for our flat! We already have smaller “twinkle” lights but another strand of lights would do our small living room well!

Facial Tissue Box Cover

Get This Cover Now

Got facial tissues in the house and not satisfied with the silly designs they put on the outside cardboard? Perhaps a rose gold box cover will do the trick for you?

It’s amazing what a simple piece of decor can do to a table top, a kitchen island, bathroom counter, you name it! Of course, if you buy one like this it might be a good idea to have another one or two accessories that go with the rose gold motif in the room!

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Table Runner

Order Your Table Runner

Table runners can go either way. Choose the wrong one and your room feels like it’s stuck in the year 1890. Choose the right one (and the right accessories to match/compliment) and you nail the table decor like Martha Stewart.

A rose gold runner that is shimmery might be the best thing you put in your living room. It can elongate a table to make it look longer and would look great underneath a beautiful, stylish centerpiece or perhaps a potted plant that is hard to kill.

Box with Nice Buckles

Get These Gorgeous Boxes

Now, obviously these boxes are also a hue of pink but we love the detailing of the buckles. We’re all about function here at B&L and often storage space is at a premium. Getting some decorative boxes that look good on display but are also made for holding non-essential living room items might be perfect for your space.

Decorative Mermaid Pillow

Get This Pillow Now

We love this kind of pillow. It’s like a mermaid’s tail in your living room. Now, obviously this design and material are very LOUD so you’ll want to soften it up with contrasting items/patterns/colors in the living room. A solid color couch or chair would go great with this kind of pillow, we feel!

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Rose Gold Office Decor

We’re a huge fan of making an office space that you love. One that you can work in. One that can be your workshop for writing, number crunching, whatever it is that you do. So, consider styling up your office/desk space with a few functional accessories that are sure to make you want to work!

Office Organizer Set

Order Your Organizer Set

We really like nice office organization pieces. File holders, paper trays, you name it! If you like your workplace, you might be more likely to be productive there, we find. That’s why we wrote about some of the nicest wooden desk organizers since we like a natural look as well. Remember – style AND function!

Pen + Pencil Holders

Get These Desktop Holders

We are also guilty of having way too many pens at our work desk. So, we’re a fan of upright pen and pencil holders. They take up little space, have a non-slip bottom, and you can easily see through the sides to which pen you are choosing.

Rose Gold Bedroom Accessories

You should love your bedroom – and whether you are just adding a small piece like a jewelry stand or getting a rose gold headboard, there are lots of ways to change up your space!

Jewelry Stand

Order This Beautiful Stand

This is probably our favorite piece on the list. The thin metal stand has a nice profile for standing on top of our dresser so Lisa is seriously considering something like this.

She doesn’t have a TON of jewelry, but for the pieces that she has, she knows that she doesn’t store them as properly as she should! That’s why the hanging prongs and bottom catch tray would be great.

Makeup Brush Organizer

Get This Organizer Now

Another great functional piece. If you have a few makeup brushes and not a great system for storing them – consider a nice holder. This will keep them clean and upright – and the color of the holder can do a lot for changing the style of the room around it. This is especially true for smaller spaces like dorm rooms or bathrooms.

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Rose Gold Bathroom Decor

Whoever said that you can’t have a fancy bathroom that you love being in? We spend lots of time in the bathroom doing all sorts of things – so may as well love the space. These items are definitely more functional but they can glam up the space in subtle ways!

Adorable Garbage Can

Order This Awesome Garbage Can

Garbage cans deserve some love, too! This rose gold trash can even has a foot pedal so you don’t have to bend down. It’s small – making it great for a small bathroom or dorm. You could even put it under a kitchen cabinet is you needed a small one there – but then that would hide the amazing rose gold finish. Where’s the fun in that?

Toilet Paper Holder and Book/Phone Tray

Get This Holder and Rack

This is definitely where style meets function. There is nothing worse than running out of toilet paper – and this stand has you covered! The top shelf is great for storing a book, your smartphone, or even a box of tissues if you need.

Oh, and of course it’s great as a toilet paper stand. This is especially good if you won’t have a holder in the wall and can’t put screws into the bathroom wall (like us here – we have tile).

12. Bathroom Accessory Holder

Order This Holder Now

For those larger bathroom items like hair dryers and curling irons, a more stable holder is in order. Luckily, you can find that in rose gold as well! These functional accessories go with many of the other items on the list so consider ordering two or three to see if changing up multiple pieces changes the bathroom space to your liking.

And there you have it – some of the cutest and functional rose gold decor items we could find. As we said, we really like rose gold since it’s really versatile in any room and with many decors.

What do you think? See anything you like? Do you have any of these items? Let us know if you end up decorating your next room with our inspiration – tag us @boardandlife on Twitter since we don’t have Instagram yet!

As always, Stay Curious,

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Beautiful Rose Gold Decor Items