5 Easy Cocktails To Make For Your Next Party

rum and coke in short glass with slice of lime easy cocktails to make

Easy Cocktails to Make for Your Next Party are Right Here! When it comes to easy cocktail recipes for parties, there are so many recipes to choose from that it can be overwhelming. And while it may seem like a

7 Healthy Afternoon Snacks That You Can Make In A Hurry

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Great and Healthy Afternoon Snacks are Here! When it comes to healthy snack ideas, we have absolutely got you covered. Lisa is big into healthy recipes and trying out new ideas for healthy dinners, healthy breakfast options, and especially healthy

23 Perfect Gifts For Your Boyfriend For Christmas

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Great Gifts For Boyfriends For Christmas Are Here! If you are one of those people thinking “I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for Christmas” you are definitely not alone! Finding a Christmas gift for your boyfriend that

7 Minimalist Design Tips For Creating Your Dream Home

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Some Key Minimalist Design Tips For Your Space! When it comes to minimalist design principles, there are lots of places to turn to! Here at Board and Life, we’re definitely trying to have a warm minimalist decor in our flat.