5 Delicious Tea Flavors That We Love To Drink

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These Are Our Favorite Tea Flavors!

Let’s be serious for a moment – we’re a dual-love household. You see, we love coffee BUT we also really love tea. And there are so many types of tea flavors out there – we found this post super hard to write!

Generally, we don’t drink our tea with sugar which is a habit that has developed over the years. Tea in itself has great flavor so we don’t see the need to add a lot of sweetness – and our teeth thank us for that. But of course there is always that moment when you actually crave some sweetness in your tea.

For us, this happens especially in the evening after dinner. Instead of refined white sugar, we use some Xylitol. It has fewer calories than refined white sugar and is a lot better for our teeth. We get our Xylitol on Amazon and make sure that it is made of Birch instead of genetically modified corn.

But enough about sweeteners – let’s get into the tea. From herbal tea flavors to flavored tea brands, we walk you through our top tea flavors and their perceived benefits!

Green Tea

green tea in clear mug on wooden table
Nothing like a green tea in the morning!

Green Tea has to be Lisa’s favorite tea flavor. Growing up, she didn’t like the slightly bitter taste but over the years she has gotten used to it and now actually really enjoys it. Green tea is a great alternative to your morning routine coffee and most days Lisa actually has green tea in the morning.

While coffee is an acidic drink, green tea is actually alkaline which is good for your teeth. In addition, green tea contains lots of antioxidants that can help fight free radicals. Don’t expect it to be any form of “miracle drink” but consuming green tea regularly is a healthy choice. It’s also a great gift for tea drinkers if you need something special/fancy to give to your tea enthusiast.

Rooibos Tea

red rooibos tea in red container with wooden spoon tea flavors
Some dry rooibos ready to steep!

Next to green tea, rooibos tea is probably Lisa’s other favorite tea flavor. And not all rooibos teas are the same – there are so many different flavors within that. We really like rooibos tea with a vanilla flavor. The good thing is that it doesn’t contain any caffeine which makes it the perfect choice for the evening.

Rooibos tea contains lots of antioxidants which can be beneficial for your body. However, overall we like to drink it for its tasty flavor and not for its health benefits. If you feel like it, you could also try to make your own homemade rooibos tea latte by frothing milk and adding it to your tea.

Chai Tea

two glasses of chai tea on metal tray
Oh, chai. How do you smell so yummy?

Chai tea originates from India and is made of black tea and a combination of different spices. In addition to water, you can also use some milk when preparing your chai tea. Chai tea lattes are also quite popular but these usually contain a lot more milk – and in some cases sugar (hello, Starbucks chai tea latte) – than just original chai tea.

We often drink our chai tea brewed with water only since we really like the strong flavor. Bruce actually really likes chai tea. He traveled to East Africa years back and chai was served each morning.

Chai tea has a lot of perceived health benefits. It is supposed to be able to help with digestion and may also help reduce blood sugar levels – of course this is only the case if you don’t add a whole lot of sugar to your tea before consuming it. We are always a bit careful with believing all that is said about these benefits since often the studies done are limited. So always take these claims with a grain of salt. We like chai tea because it has a very distinct flavor.

Chamomile Tea

chamomile flowers in clear tea mug on clear plate
Chamomile is also just super cute to look at!

This is the tea that Lisa always drank when she was sick as a kid. Chamomile tea is made of dried chamomile flowers and has a quite pleasant taste. It is also used in natural home remedies for fighting colds – and Lisa has used it many times over the years.

Some people also drink chamomile tea since they say that it helps them fall asleep and relax. While we don’t have any direct experience with these benefits, chamomile tea is our first tea choice when we want to relax or reduce anxiety

Apple Tea

red tea in clear mug with apples around in table tea flavors
Apple tea stole our hearts a few months ago!

A few months ago we visited Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and tried Turkish tea. We both really liked it and had a phase where we drank Turkish apple tea frequently in the evening. In our opinion, it is the perfect tea flavor for these cold winter nights.

It is also said that apple tea can help with digestion. We don’t really drink it for that reason and haven’t noticed a difference – but if you’re looking for a way to help with digestion and constipation why not give it a try? In cases like this it’s usually better to try to help your body through your nutrition first than with taking medication.

And there you have it – 5 of our favorite tea flavors. In the end, this is just s snapshot of how one part of the world does tea. There are so many other flavors and preparation techniques that we aren’t aware of. We hope to travel more of the world and learn about them! When we do – we will write about them here! What are your favorite tea flavors? Get in touch and let us know!

As always, Stay Curious,


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