5 Valuable Tips for Becoming a Better Writer

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Calling All Passionate Writers – This Post Is for You!

Sometimes, there really is nothing better than sitting down with your notebook in a coffee shop where you’re a stranger and just writing. Sometimes, writing gives us greater benefits than we originally intended for – and this can work wonders for our mental health, our creativity, and even our careers.

There’s power in creating words. And so whether you’re just starting out or planning on improving your literary game, here are a few tips based on our experiences to help get you writing.

1. Find Your Workshop.

computer on white table with coffee and phone tips for becoming a better writer
You get to decide on your workshop!

This could also be “get yourself a place to write” but I like to use the term “workshop”. Your workshop is where all the magic happens. It could be a physical notebook, but it could also be your computer or tablet. Either way – find that place that you write.

When you sit down in front of that place or open up that workspace – you’ll train your mind to know that it’s “writing time”. Having a workshop can be really focusing – and tip #2 can also greatly help you focus your writing energies!

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2. Understand Your Purpose. 

Actually ask yourself out loud “Why am I writing?”. Are you writing to relieve stress? Do you want to start a blog? Trying to track your thoughts by keeping a journal? Do you want to try and make money? Whatever your purpose is – remember that purpose and stick to it.

This can come in handy when you’re feeling unmotivated or when you’ve hit a “writer’s block”. For example, if you’re not planning on writing to publish a book then you’ll take a lot of pressure off of yourself to make it perfect. Furthermore, you’ll focus on exactly what you need to be writing when you remember your purpose. 

3. Let Creativity Flourish.

woman writing in book with pencil on desk inner writer tips
Sometimes you just have to write and don’t care about too much….

Number 3 and 4 kind of go hand in hand but you’ll understand why when you read them both! In short, let your mind go when you write. Don’t try to direct it – harness your ideas and thoughts.

Thoughts, ideas, anything that jumps into your head and sparks your creative process should be scribbled down. Use a napkin, a sheet of paper, the notes in your phone – anywhere.

Once they are out of your head, you’ll have a physical copy of them to transfer to your workshop when you can. That’s good enough to get you started with any idea that might spark into your head. However, your creativity can only flourish if you listen to tip #4!

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4. Don’t be Too Critical of Yourself

This is a big one and definitely one that we struggle with from time to time. In short, you can’t be too critical of your writing, especially if you’re just starting off. You have to first remember that what you have to say is valid and relevant. Your style is unique to you – and that should be a source of strength when you’re thinking “my writing is terrible”.

Even today, blog posts, landing pages, Instagram captions – they don’t come together on the first try for us. The creative process takes time and edits are not only allowed, but encouraged.

Over time, you’ll find your style and be able to replicate content time and time again. You’ll find yourself getting better – thoughts will flow more naturally as you piece together new ways of conveying the ideas in your head.

But when you’re starting out?

Just get those ideas into that workshop we talked about and you’ll be a step ahead of those who decide it’s not good enough to try. Speaking of trying, that brings me to tip number 5 – and boy, is it an important one!

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5. Start!

woman hand writing in notebook on desk tips for becoming a better writer
What are you waiting for?!

I know – “worst advice ever”, right? Well, unfortunately, it’s true. We all started somewhere. You probably think your writing is crap. I thought that, too. But the fact of the matter is there are always going to be writers who are better than you. There are also always going to be writers who are worse than you. None of that matters. Write to the best of your ability and learn as you go.

Read the writing of others and you will get better, too. After only a few months, I looked back on one of the earlier blog posts I had written and had to both laugh and cringe at the same time. It was a more technical piece – and yup, it sure was technical.

There was information, but no voice. It told people stuff but made them think nothing. It was like the piece was a vacuum of interest – and all the interesting parts that should have drawn a reader in were missing.

Now, I’m so much more confident as I write. If you are finding it hard to get started, setting SMART goals might help you. The nudge in the right direction is why it’s so important to set goals.

And there you have it – our 5 tips for becoming a better writer. What do you think? Are just starting out or have you tried again and again – hitting the same roadblocks over and over? We’re here to help – and we’ll certainly create more post on the topic of writing since it’s one we love to discuss!

As always, Stay Curious,


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