Unique Christmas Decoration For Your Home That You Can Buy Online

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Looking for Unique Christmas Decoration? Here’s Some!

Finding Christmas decorations around Christmas time is pretty simple – that’s a given. But finding unique Christmas decorations for indoors or outdoors can be a challenge when everyone has the same thing!

Luckily, you’ve got Board and Life. We love the holiday season, and we like to think that we have a pretty good eye for decorations that are unique, handmade, and/or will turn heads with how great of an idea it is.

So, having said that, here are a few items that are sure to liven up or add to your perfect Christmas decor. Maybe some of these will spark your Christmas tree decorating ideas? You might be looking for unique glass Christmas tree ornaments, in which case you can check that out here!

Things to Consider When Buying Unique Christmas Decorations

Before you start buying decor pieces, there are a few buying factors that you might want to consider. Here they are below!

Style. Admittedly, some of the items below are pretty unique in the sense that they might not fit in with your traditional Christmas decor. That said, maybe buying a unique piece is EXACTLY what your house needs?

Indoor/Outdoor. Obviously, whether a decor piece is made for indoor or outdoor is pretty important. Certain decor pieces for the outdoors with lights, cords, and other moving parts are likely made to withstand the snow, wet weather, and the cold. Putting indoor grade materials outside can be dangerous – or the thing might just break and then you are left with a decorative piece of Christmas garbage.

Price. Price kind of goes hand in hand with quality – but not always. Generally, though – you pay more for top quality-made Christmas decor pieces. Cheaper ones can look good when used right, but they can also look… cheap – if you know what we mean?

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The Top Unique Christmas Decoration Pieces

Okay, here we go with a few of the best unique Christmas decoration items that we could find. Some are cute, some are cool, some are a twist on a classic, we’ll let you decide below!

Christmas Palm Tree

This is perfect if you are having seasonal withdrawal from the sunshine but still want to celebrate Christmas like a champ. A palm tree full of LED lights is definitely a unique decor piece to liven up your decor game! Also great for a tropical holiday pool party you might have!

Christmas Decorations Light Projector

Looking for a light show but hate putting up lights? Why not project your Christmas spirit into your house, garage door or otherwise? This great spotlight comes with multiple designs/themes that rotate through so you don’t have to go outside and manually change images!

Ligthed Gift Box Decor

Lisa really likes these gift decor boxes. They are a simple way to add a little bit of holiday cheer to an entryway while keeping things simple and classic. The fact that they light up can really add to the decor you already have going – and the light even makes them function as a night light in a house, as well! You could even put them under the tree early to make it seem like there are presents there!

Refrigerator Door Handle Covers

If you are in the mood to liven up the kitchen with a little bit of festive cheer, why not look to the fridge for some style tips? These handle covers are great to add a little bit of fun to your kitchen decor. If you have holiday parties that spill over into the kitchen area these are a great way to stay on trend!

Traditional Wooden Table Top Christmas Decoration

If you are seeking out a more traditional decor item, going with wood is a great way to achieve this kind of look. This Christmas scene is awesome – Lisa really likes the design and the little people are done in great detail. A wooden Christmas scene would look great in an entrance way or a kitchen island where you might get a bit of holiday traffic in your house.

Snowman Toilet Seat Cover

We basically have a unique Christmas decoration item for every room in the house – and we mean every room! This snowman toilet seat cover is a great way to set the tone in the bathroom with Christmas cheer! Honestly, check out the hat for the top tank cover.. how hilarious is that?! We love it!

Icicle Snow Lights For Outside

We REALLY like these lights mainly because they are so simple yet they can be so effective in creating a great atmosphere in the front yard, along the house, or elsewhere. The sheer volume of lights will definitely help to add the light aspect to your outdoor decor, you just need to decide what else to put up with them!

Snowman Christmas Tree Topper

If you are sick of having an angel at the top of the tree (or perhaps you never had one to begin with), perhaps another iconic Christmas character is due to some time to shine? Having a snowman at the tree top is a great way to get in the festive mood without having to commit to anything too religious. Plus, look how cute it is!

Flame Effect Light Bulb

Bruce is a big fan of campfires – so a Christmas fire in the fireplace is basically one of his most favorite things ever. When there is no fire place near, these lights might do the trick! Having flame lights might add to your outdoor wintery decor whether beside the front door or at the end of the driveway.

Felt Christmas Tree Set With Ornaments

Want to get the kids into the creative festive spirit? This felt tree is a great addition to the living room or kid’s room that lets them decorate “their” tree however they like! The felt is soft and protects the walls from any mark-ups, leaving you a happy homeowner!

Snowman Porch Light Cover

Even your outdoor porch light can get in on the festive action with this great porch light cover. Making it look like – you guessed it – a snowman, this is a great detail piece that you can add to let people know that you are in the holiday mood but don’t need to go “all-out” to decorate your front yard. You could also buy this as part of a giant Christmas decor display in which case go for it!

Golden Doodle Ornament

Nothing says “Merry Christmas, Dog Owner” like a golden doodle Christmas tree ornament! Even if you don’t have a doodle, this ornament is super cute and works well hanging in lots of places that need a little festive spirit. Consider it for the kitchen on/under the hanging cabinets or across a doorway on a piece of trim!

And there you have it – a few of our favorite festive looking unique decor pieces for the Christmas season. Honestly, we think that they are super fun and can make a great addition to so many homes. What do you think? Any of these suit your decor? Take a picture if you buy any and get in touch – we’d love to see!

As always, Stay Curious,

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