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The Best Wood Desk Organizers To Conquer The Mess

We Actually Need A Wood Desk Organizer Like These.

Okay, we lied. There are several – but how could we choose the best when they all look so great? If you want to upgrade your office, get your workspace more organized, or change up your look, these wooden organizers are a great addition.

The nice thing about wooden organizers is that they have a more natural feel. This can often create a softer decor – if that’s the look you’re going for. Don’t forget – these organizers pack storage space so they are also super functional. Before you buy, let’s dive into what you should consider.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wood Desk Organizer

Desk Space Available. Pretty simple – but how big is your desk or area that needs a wooden shelf/organizer? How large is the organizer you want to buy? There are a few on this list that can be adjusted to fit any space and there are a few that are solid little organizers that can work almost anywhere. Have a think about the space you have when you buy!

Style of Your Room. What’s the overall feel/style of your room? Are the walls light or dark? What’s the colour of the furniture – mainly the desk? Lots of the below wood desk organizers can be purchased in different colors so have a think about the overall room style you want to go for!

Functionality. What are you using the desk organizer for? What do you primarily have to store? What kind of work do you do? If you’re a student, you might have lots of paper assignments, notebooks, and larger files. This might call for a larger organizer that has upright storage available. If you’re more technical – maybe you have lots of pens, pencils, ruled instruments, etc. This would mean that you need more little drawers or a specific holder for your different smaller office items.

Here are our picks for five very stylish, functional wood desk organizers for your workspace. If you need function meets style, these organizers are for you!

Vintage Torched Wood Standing Organizer

For a classic look that’s entirely real wood, this standing organizer is great for a desk or dorm room where you have limited space. It’s got a small footprint meaning the base isn’t that large but it’s very stable.

The two tiny drawers make storing things a breeze but there’s plenty of standing space for pens, papers, and bigger folders in the back.

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A “Make Your Own” Desk Organizer

This is a great shelf if you aim for a minimalist look and you want to have the option of changing up the configuration of the organizer. Since Lisa is a fan of minimalist decor, this one would have to be her favorite.

There are no drawers so you’ll check out this one if you need shelving for books, items, small plants, etc. If you’re looking for tiny plants that are super easy to take care of, check out our post on the best indoor plants that are hard to kill!

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Polished Tower Organizer

This tiny tower does it all. The wooden frame is painted a matte black and polished to a shine that works great with lots of different room styles and colors. The open tray top is great for tossing items when you’re in a hurry – and you can organize them later! 

The drawers are actually quite deep – meaning you’ll get more storage space for the size of the organizer. Whatever the work you do – this organizer has got you covered. Also, the dark color might go well with rose gold decor – just saying.

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Natural Wood “Make Your Own” Shelf

If you’re in need of more of a shelf for your desk or office space, this could be the shelf for you! Once assembled, this shelf is in two full pieces and these two pieces stack on top of another to form one solid shelving space.

It might be great if you’ve got an idea for the desktop space you have but are not sure about the exact configuration you want for storage. This one comes in many colors – and, as we said, it’s versatile to be shaped into many different styles. This makes it great to go with other geometric decor pieces you may have!

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Formal Wood Mini-Drawer System

If you need a wood desk organizer that gets the job done and looks sharp – here’s the organizer for you. While there’s only one drawer, there are lots of compartments for upright storage.

You even have space for storing business cards in the front if you ever need to have them just a quick grab away. The overall profile is quite small and curves away from the front making it feel even smaller. Great if you’ve got a small desk!

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And there you have it – some of the best wooden desk organizers out there! Of course, these aren’t the only ones but they are stylish and some of our favorites.

We really like the ones that you can buy and fit for your own space. There’s a chance we buy one for our place really soon because we need a decent mini-bookshelf/organizer. Writing these articles really isn’t helping our buying habits!

As always, Stay Curious,

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The best wood desk organizers for your office or dorm