31 Incredibly Awesome Christmas Gifts For Dads

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Looking for unique gifts for dad? You know – the gifts for dads who want nothing? We’ve been there! Buying great gifts for dads can often be super complicated because they either have everything or he doesn’t want anything!

So, to help you out this Christmas season (and channeling our inner struggle for dad gift buying) we put together this guide of great gift ideas for all the different budgets you might have in mind!

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Things to Consider When Buying Christmas Gifts for Dads

Before you head out to buy that perfect gift (or gifts) for the dad in your life, consider the following buying tips and/or details.

Price/Quality. Obviously, the price is an important detail to consider. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always mean better. It really depends on the product. However, if you’re aiming to grab him tools (like a new set of wrenches), then the more expensive ones are actually usually better.

In the end, you’ll have to judge whether you can get away with the cheaper version of the gift or go all out to buy the best one. You can also just buy a gift in a lower price bracket to avoid the problem of over-spending/having a “mad dad” that you spent so much on him!

If you are unsure what to buy, perhaps package a few smaller gifts together into a mini gift pack that he can enjoy? You can theme the gifts to what he likes (beer, golf, etc) so at least you’re buying in the right direction. Just an idea!

Purpose. One of the biggest things to think about is the purpose of the gift. Is it just supposed to be funny? Is the gift supposed to serve a function, like a tool or electronic? How often can he/will he use it? Think about these things so you buy a gift that will be used frequently OR used a few times but it very important in that moment, like a specialized item or tool.

Affordable Christmas Gifts for Dads

First off, the affordable gifts. There are endless gifts out there that are cheaper and can suit all different dads and their interests. Cheap gifts are also good if you want to buy lots of smaller gifts and put them together – like a “build your own” gift pack for dad.

Sometimes – but not always – cheap gifts end up being gag gifts that people can laugh at. Bruce’s dad would – without a shred of doubt – like the Planet of the Apes box set below. Not even kidding!

Portable speakers standing on white table with person in background holding a dark phone gifts for dads
If your dad owns a smartphone, wireless speakers might be something for him.

Mid-Range Christmas Gifts for Dads

Mid-range gifts are those perfect “in-between gifts” that can be given to a dad on their own OR they can go with a small item or another mid-range gift. It really depends on what the gift is and what it might be paired with.

For example, a Bloody Mary gift set and a bartending set go together well. From this list, our dads would appreciate the multi-tool since they are pretty handy.

Bag full on golf clubs with green grass in background
Is your dad a golf fan? A new golf accessory for his game might be good!

High-End Christmas Gifts for Dads

And here they are – the high-end gifts on the list. From toys and electronics to super useful tools for around the home, there is no shortage.

These are the kinds of gifts that you buy once every few years (or even more if it’s something like an expensive watch) because they usually last a while. So have a look below at these ideas for an expensive gift. Personally, we like the headphones since Bruce’s dad would actually use them in his daily life.

Different beer glasses standing in front of beer kegs on wooden table
If he likes beer, a beer brewing starter kit could be a great gift!

And there you have it – 31 of the best Christmas gifts for dads this holiday season. Whatever you end up buying, just keep your dad in mind and you can’t go wrong! What do you think of these gifts? Anything you’re planning to buy? Need help deciding? Get in touch with us and we’ll chat about it with you!

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Awesome Christmas Gifts For Dads