23 Special Christmas Date Ideas For You & Your Person

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Here Are Some Magical Christmas Date Ideas For The Perfect Holiday Date!

Searching for Christmas date ideas? Us, too! Christmas time is when we all remember the importance of our loved ones. We can all agree that Christmas is also a perfect, romantic setting for couples to get their holiday fix.

There’s just something about the blinking lights, kisses under the mistletoe, enjoying treats, and giving gifts that make us feel closer to our partners. We’re a big fan of Christmas markets but that’s only one great Christmas couples’ date idea.

So, from romantic Christmas ideas to fun Christmas activities for couples, here’s our list of classic and unique Christmas date ideas that you should definitely try out!

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Please Note: Due to the current worldwide situation, you might not be able to do some of the activities mentioned in the article this year. Please respect all official guidelines and rules in your region when planning Christmas dates this year!

Explore Neighborhood Christmas Lights

If you want a low key, yet magical night, you can always drive to neighborhoods with extravagant Christmas light displays for a romantic evening.

What’s more fun: Aside from the dozens of aesthetic Instagram posts both you and your partner can shoot, is that you can check out multiple neighborhoods each night.

You can turn this activity into a fun Christmas date idea and enjoy as you lose yourselves in the midst of blinking Christmas lights.

And if you want to bring the Christmas lights into your own home, you can also spend a fun evening decorating the home together! There are lots of great Christmas lights available online.

Take A Midnight Stroll

Imagine strolling down a street lit up by Christmas lights, holding hands with your loved ones.

It’s simple, and yet it can easily be one of the most romantic Christmas memories both of you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

There’s something magical about talking about random things while snow is all around you.

The silence of the streets and the twinkling stars above makes it feel like you are the only people in the whole world.

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Have A Snowball Fight

Another holiday date idea might be to get a little more active and organize an all-out snowball fight!

You can build mountains of snow to create a shield or a base. You can even team up with one another against another couple and have a referee for an intense and competitive game.

At the end of the game, you can spend more time with your date by making snow angels on the ground or building a snowman together.

Go Ice Skating

Speaking of fun and cold activities, you can take your date to ice skate. It might be a classic Christmas date, but it’s still a good one!

Depending on how good of a skater you both are, you’ll glide on the ice while holding hands…. or take videos of each other being klutzy on the ice!

Either way, it can be a ton of fun and makes a great Christmas eve outing idea.

Go Caroling

Time to show off that angelic voice of yours and invite your date to carol. You can go to neighboring houses, churches, or hospitals to sing about the joys of the holidays.

Just make sure to practice the songs beforehand so that you can give smiles to the people you will sing to. It’s definitely one of the more festive date ideas!

Make A Gingerbread House

If you and your date both love cooking, then there is nothing more romantic than baking and designing a gingerbread house.

But if both of you are not good chefs, you can use this time to learn some of the basic skills. Simply watch a YouTube video and have fun together while you try to bake and design a gingerbread house.

And if that’s not something that interests you, you could always get a gingerbread kit and spend your time together decorating it how you like!

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Complete Your Christmas Shopping

Time to spend that Christmas bonus and have a fun Christmas shopping date with your partner. Be your own Santa Claus and buy things to treat yourself.

It doesn’t matter what you both will buy, as long as you stroll the malls together shopping (or browse online stores together).

You can also take this time to buy items from your gift list. After purchasing your items, you could stop by a cafe for a quick bite.

Since going to a mall might be tricky this year (depending on where you live), you can always online shop for your gifts together. You can browse and buy on the couch with a nice hot beverage!

Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

Speaking of shopping, your Christmas gifts need to be wrapped. This is another Christmas chore that is stressful when you do it alone but somehow fun when you’re doing it with a loved one.

We’re not talking about simply putting gifts in a bag and being done with it. We’re talking about fancy gift wrapping, with all the ribbons and cute tiny cards.

You can watch a gift-wrapping video together and attempt to recreate the fancy wrapping styles. You’re not just having fun with your date, but you’re also making sure that the receiver of the gift will feel extra special.

This is a fun way of making a chore fun and enjoyable. Who knows, maybe your artistic sides can also impress each other. Just make sure to not wrap gifts that are for the other person in front of each other!

Go Christmas Tree Shopping

Gifts are not the only things you can shop for. Drive out to a Christmas tree farm and pick out the best Christmas tree to decorate your house with.

Choosing the perfect tree as a couple can be a really fun experience – and getting to bundle up in the cold adds to the winter magic.

Pro-tip: Some places allow you to chop your own Christmas tree! It’s surely a fun experience to try out with your partner.

Decorate The Christmas Tree

Speaking of Christmas trees, picking them is not the only activity you can share with your partner. You can also offer to help decorate the Christmas tree!

Brainstorm ideas on how to create the perfect one and personalize the tree for both of you. You can even hang pictures of the two of you to remind you of the joys of Christmas.

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Relax On A Spa Day

We all know that while Christmas is a time of celebration, it can also be a little bit stressful.

Maybe you have lots of gifts to buy, making sure that you do not forget about your cousin’s daughter that you only meet during Christmas. And don’t forget about the stress of having to cook a grand meal for the whole family.

You can wind down by having a spa day with your partner. A full body massage and a sauna might be the only things you need to get rid of that holiday stress.

This date idea might be slightly more expensive but it’s definitely one of the most romantic Christmas date ideas out there!

Play An Escape Room

If, however, the pressure is the thing you like the most, then there’s no activity that can beat the escape room. It’s an extremely fun activity you can do with your partner.

Brainstorm and strategize your way out of a locked room by using your observation and deduction skills. Plus, you get to impress your date with your intelligence while you bond together.

Those looking for Christmas games for couples might be drawn more to this type of idea! Just remember to book an escape room quickly as they are very popular around the holidays.

And if you’d rather play an escape room from the comfort of your home, there are also escape room boxes avaible to order online!

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Head Out Of Town

Take advantage of your holiday vacation days and go somewhere you and your partner have been meaning to go.

If your budget can afford it, you can even plan an out of the country trip. Indulge in other people’s culture while you are sharing the holiday spirits together.

There’s a lot of places popular during the holidays. With a quick Google search, you will see a lot of places that will be perfect for a romantic weekend getaway.

Traveling is definitely more difficult this year (and in some parts of the world actively discouraged – please listen to official recommendations!).

In cases like this, you could always bring other cultures and destinations into your own home by cooking holiday dishes from a different country together!

Enjoy A Campfire

If you’re not a fan of going to a place that is miles away, you can just find the best camping spots in your area and have a fun and chill night out while camping.

Contrary to popular belief, camping is not only a summer activity. It can be fun to go camping, even during a cold and snowy December.

Light up the campfire and roast some marshmallows for gooey and delicious smores you can enjoy with your partner.

Watch the stars and count all the falling stars you can spot while talking about any random topic you can think of.

Stay At A No Technology Cabin

Unplug from the toxicity of social media and just spend the whole weekend with your loved one in a cabin with no technology. You could even try to fish or forage your foods to make things more fun.

Being away from the city can definitely recharge your body, and you’re going to enjoy it, especially with someone special by your side.

Plan A Staycation

Feeling too tired to go out of town? Well, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a day out of your house.

A quick search on Airbnb or Google can give you results of nearby hotels or houses for rent. Pick one with the most amenities and have fun staying indoors.

It’s difficult to have a proper picnic while snow is everywhere outside. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a fun indoor picnic in the place you rented out.

You can cook a meal together, throw some blankets on the floor, and share food while you enjoy a day indoors, away from home.

Explore Christmas Markets

You simply can’t talk about Christmas dates for couples without mentioning quintessential Christmas markets.

One of the highlights of the holidays is the Christmas markets that are only open for a short period of time. There are a lot of amazing displays and plenty of street foods to try out.

If you want to take things to the next level, visit Christmas markets out of town! Check online about the most popular Christmas market and see for yourself why a lot of people go there.

Attend An Ugly Sweater Party

For some reason, one of the most popular parties during the holidays is the ugly sweater parties. The concept is simple, have a party while you’re wearing, you guessed it, an ugly knitted sweater.

It has been a tradition that our grandmas or great aunts gift us a knitted sweater, even if they went out of style decades ago. Let’s be honest: You’re never actually going to wear it, so you might as well use it for a fun party where everyone is dressed in a sea of red and green sweaters.

Don’t forget to send a picture to your grandmas so they can at least know that you are wearing the sweater they gifted!

Attend A Glamorous Holiday Party

A lot of companies will often host glamorous Christmas or year-ender parties during December.

Dress up in your fanciest gowns and suits and attend the gala or black-tie parties with your partner as your date. Drink expensive wine and sway in the middle of the ballroom just before midnight.

If your company is not hosting a fancy party, don’t worry. There are a lot of holiday parties open to the public! You can attend a charity party or check out some parties that will be hosted in your city.

Make A Christmas Movie Drinking Game

If you want more things to do on Christmas eve for couples, you can always keep it super simple: Watch a random Christmas themed movie and create a drinking game out of it!

You can create rules like drink a shot every time you hear the word “Santa”. It’s a silly, fun, and simple Christmas date idea. Just make sure to take it easy! A hangover during the holidays is not fun at all.

Enjoy A Fancy Meal

The most classic date is having a fancy meal with your loved one in a high-end restaurant. It’s a Christmas date idea that always delivers.

There’s nothing more romantic than sharing a lavish dinner over candle lights while soft music plays in the background. You can even take it a step further and prepare an outfit for the occasion.

Of course, you need to consider that during the holidays, most restaurants are booked up. If you are planning for a special romantic date, it’s better to get reservations weeks earlier.

Have A Cozy Coffee Shop Date

Not all Christmas dates need to be fancy or extravagant. There are also some cute couple Christmas ideas! Sometimes, a cozy coffee shop date is all you need to create a romantic day together.

While Christmas songs are blasting on the coffee shop’s radio, you can share a warm cup of coffee and talk about anything you can think of.

A lot of coffee shops have wild and delicious Christmas edition drinks. Most of them will only be served during December, so make sure to taste them all and name your favorites!

Enjoy A Cozy Christmas

In the end, Christmas is all about spending time with your loved one. Christmas date night ideas don’t need an elaborate plan in order to have a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

Simply light up the fireplace, play some Christmas tunes, and bond over hot cocoa while you binge Christmas-themed movies on Netflix. Nothing says “Christmas couple” like hot chocolate and Netflix!

Cuddle up by the fireplace and you can even sip on a glass of some expensive wine (as an upgrade). You can also roast some marshmallows in the fireplace if you feel like it.

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And there you have it – some of the best Christmas date ideas that we can think of! Try out some of them and feel closer to your partner this Christmas.

You can have a lot of fun during the holidays – and it’s also a time to destress and celebrate, so take advantage of it.

As always, Stay Curious,

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