8 Unique Glass Christmas Ornaments To Perfect Your Christmas Decor

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Looking for Unique Glass Christmas Ornaments? Here Are Some!

Let’s face it – we love unique Christmas ornaments – especially the ones that are hand-blown glass. Extra points if yours are handmade!

That said, there are some awesome glass Christmas tree ornaments on the market to liven up your decor. Some are more quirky or funny than others – but all of these glass ornaments are sure to be mentioned at your holiday party.

We love Christmas decor – but our flat is a little small to have a massive tree. Therefore, we don’t have a ton of room for big tree ornaments! However, we have a smaller festive set-up that we’ll photograph and show you soon!

Below, we list 8 of the most unique Christmas ornaments made of glass that we could find. You might even opt for personalized glass Christmas ornaments or ornaments set to gift to someone. This would be a great idea – they go right along with hilarious Christmas sweaters for dogs!

Things to Consider: Buying Unique Glass Christmas Ornaments

Before you buy, here are a few points we’ll touch on throughout the post. These are just to get you thinking about what to consider for your tree and overall decor this Christmas!

Style. When buying ornaments to go on your tree (or for other places to hang in the house) then you will definitely want to think about the style you are going for this season. Color is a big element of this. If you have a color scheme that you stick to, then buy ornaments that match or compliment accordingly.

Another element of style is the design of the ornament. There are very playful-looking ornaments and there are very elegant looking glass ornaments. The design is up to you to choose – and then run with it!

Quality/Material. Obviously for this post the main material of the desired ornaments is glass – but there are different qualities of glass and quality of makes. Some are hand-blown and meticulously crafted while others are blown and cast/filled with a metal.

Be sure to read the review if you are unsure which ornaments will look and last the longest to get decorative use year after year.

Price. Price kind of goes hand in hand with quality – as generally the more expensive the ornament, the higher quality. This isn’t always the case – but it’s definitely a guideline to consider!

Since this is your holiday decor, you can go as cheap or as expensive as you like. That’s the good thing about these ornaments below as they are pretty inexpensive – but you can buy pricier ones that fit your style!

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The Unique Glass Christmas Ornaments for 2018

Below, you’ll some of the most unique glass ornaments that we love this season. Some are cute, some are different, some are a twist on a classic design. Whatever your style, have a browse below for the ones you love!

Lake Cabin Glass Ornament

This super cute lake cabin reminds us of the family cottage on the lake. If you want to be reminded of the cabin retreat – or you have a tree in your cabin – then this ornament might be for you. It’s hand-painted and has incredible level of tiny detail in the design. Definitely worthy of your tree if it’s your style!

Stack of Books Glass Ornament

If you are looking for a more “academic” ornament – then perhaps these books will do for you? They are colorful and would go perfectly in a room that already have a few books in it. Alternatively, this is a great little ornament for the teacher or student in your life!

Hermit Crab Glass Ornament

Honestly, we think this little guy is SO unique and adorable. Did you ever think you’d put a hermit carb on your tree? Doesn’t this ornament make the possibility more of a reality for you?! The blown glass is embellished in little details to make it really stand out. Great for the ocean lover or if you are spending Christmas in by the sea!

Glass Decorative Egg Ornament

Another classic design that can be as unique as you want is these beautiful glass egg-style ornaments. The designs and the colors are unique to each egg so that your style becomes a mix of color and fun. These are perfect for that mini-tree you have in the corner of a smaller flat. We think they would go well in our flat since we have a neutral decor already – and a bit of holiday fun is in our blood!

Pygmy Owl Glass Ornament

Looking to get a “hoot” out of the holidays? There are plenty of unique animal ornaments out there! This hand-painted pygmy owl is one of many other bird types that you can buy for your tree. These kinds of animals would totally work in a cozy space with cozy decor. Plus, it’s pretty cute. Have a look!

Multi-Color Glass Icicle Ornament

Do you need some icicles to perfect your look but you are tired of the classic icy looking ones? Well, perhaps these multi-colored ornaments will do? We think these are super cool – and while they might not go with your color scheme or design – that might be the exact look or effect you are going for this year on your tree! Just something to think about!

Frost the Christmas Dragon Ornament

If you have a “Game of Thrones” fan in the house, then buying a dragon ornament might be the best idea! These frosty blue dragons are actually beautifully-made and the color doesn’t stand out THAT much that it’ll clash with your scheme. Blue, white, silver – these would all work with this dragon ornament. It’s certainly unique if that’s what you want. We think it’s a great ornament for the uniqueness!

Old World Glass Bride’s Collection Ornaments

If you simply cannot decide on a single glass ornament, you could always buy a set of 12! There are a few popular designs in this set of hand-crafted glass hanging ornaments. From Santa himself to a cute little rabbit, you have your pick of the batch.

The nice thing with a whole set is that you don’t have to match them with any other decor. You can just use the whole set and THAT becomes your tree decor style for the season. Pretty, easy, huh? Plus, they are hand-painted!

And there you have it – some of the best unique glass Christmas ornaments out there! Whichever one you decide on – there are many great options for lots of different styles! Let us know on Twitter @boardandlife and send us a photo if you get your tree looking awesome with these Christmas decor suggestions!

As always, Stay Curious,

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