29 Fantastic Stocking Stuffer Ideas (2022 Guide)

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Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas Are Just a Click Away!

Searching for top-notch stocking stuffer ideas? You’re not alone! Stocking stuffers are a few ways to give gifts – lots of smaller gifts can be so much easier to buy compared to one “perfect” gift for your person or people.

Of course, there are some items that are universally known as the best stocking stuffers. However, the best stocking stuffer ideas are also the ones that suit your person’s interests, personality, and your budget!

So, whether you are searching for cheap stocking stuffers or Christmas stocking ideas for men, women, or even kids, our guide has got you covered. Check out these 29 stocking stuffer ideas for some inspiration!

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Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you need the best stocking ideas, look no further! Not only are some of these unique stocking stuffers that you may not have thought of before, but they are also super functional.

We honestly love practicality in gifts since it ensures they get used and not just tossed away. So, these are the best stocking stuffers – in our opinion!

Milk Frother: A milk frother is a small kitchen item that can make hot drinks so much better. If a family member enjoys drinking coffee (and not just black) and/or milked-based tea or hot chocolate, then a milk frother might be the perfect stocking stuffer. Especially this year, with people spending more time at home and having less coffee out, having the option of making fancier drinks at home can be really fun.

Reusable Straw: The environment is something that should matter to all of us – and there are many steps that we can take to produce a little less waste. One small – and very easy – change is the use of reusable straws instead of plastic straws. We really like that these stainless steel straws come with a cleaning brush as well!

Portable Charger: In this day and age when we rely on electronics – and especially our phones – so much, a portable charger might be a stocking stuffer that will be much appreciated. It makes it easy to charge a phone when on the go and can provide quite a bit peace of mind if the phone’s battery is not the most reliable anymore (speaking from personal experience).

Cord Organizer Straps: We all deal with cords in our lives – so one great idea for stocking stuffers might be a way to organize all those cords! These simple cord tie straps are easy to put on, easy to take off, and come in a number of colors so you can get a hold of your tangled cable mess!

Journal Stickers: If you’ve got a journal writer in your life, a set of journal stickers might be a great stocking stuffer idea. These stickers cover everything from organizational needs to important dates and even just pretty decor stickers. These can even work on a calendar, too!

Cheap Stocking Stuffer Ideas

There is no shortage of cheap stocking stuffer ideas from small games to useful items like lip balm. Just because a stocking stuffer doesn’t cost much, doesn’t mean it’s not meaningful or a good gift! Check out some of these great inexpensive stocking stuffers!

Monopoly Deal Card Game: Monopoly Deal is easily one of the most fun stocking stuffer ideas. It’s a card game based on the classic board game but it’s really, really fun. It moves much faster than the board game, is pretty portable so it can be played on the go, and is – most importantly – pretty cheap. We have it at the cottage and it makes a great game to play with friends and family!

Lip Balm: This is a classic stocking stuffer – and for good reason. In the winter, people’s lips can get really dry and a good lip balm can make a big difference. We like that this set is made from natural ingredients and comes in different flavors.

Soap Saver Bag: Another cheap stocking stuffer (but a good one) is a soap saver bag. We even have one in our shower. Basically, you place your bar of soap in the bag, create a lather, and wash yourself with the soap in the bag. The outside acts as a nice skin scrub while the soap doesn’t get depleted as quickly because it’s in the bag! You save money on soap and get softer skin at the same time – win-win!

Magnetic Grocery List: Another cheaper but super practical gift, a magnetic grocery list is always handy to have around. Simply use the magnet to hang the list in an area where you’ll see it (like on the fridge) and write down things you need to remember like groceries (obviously) or even appointments.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adults

While there are lots of great stocking stuffer ideas out there, some are great for adults while others are great for kids.

Stocking stuffer ideas for adults are always something that an adult would use, like, or appreciate – like something related to alcohol or related to the home or car.

Check out these awesome stocking ideas for adults with some specific ideas for men and ideas for women separated below!

Wine Bottle Stoppers: Nothing says “adult gift” like something to do with wine! Enter wine bottle stoppers. These reusable silicone stoppers are easy to attach and made to fit any wine bottle. Keeping that open bottle fresh in the fridge or on the counter has never been easier!

Tea Infuser: For the tea lover in your life, get them a small but useful tea infuser. This small capsule is made for loose leaf teas and can be used in a pot or in a single mug. The stainless steel design ensures quality while the screw lid and useful hook make it so easy to use!

New Christmas Ornament: If you have someone who likes – and maybe even collects – Christmas ornaments, then a new ornament might be a good stocking stuffer idea. We really like this cute red apron since we are really into baking during the holidays but there are of course many other Christmas ornaments out there. Definitely one of the cutest stocking stuffers out there!

Coasters: Coasters are a great stocking stuffer gift. You know why? Because you never realize you need a coaster until the moment you need a coaster to put down on the table. Then you’d wish you had a set of coasters. Coasters also come in lots of different designs so you can suit any decor!

Portable French Press: If you have a coffee lover (us) that needs coffee on the go, a portable French press might make a wonderful stocking stuffer. Slender in size and easy to clean, this French Press has a number of advantages over its other, more home-friendly counterpart.

Hand Sanitizer: Looking for good stocking stuffers that are topical and also really functional? Hand sanitizer is a great idea! It’s especially important now to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your car, purse, coat pocket, or otherwise!

Beeswax Food Wrap: Have someone how likes to cook and/or is big into reducing their waste? Beeswax food wrap is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. This wax-coated paper is great for packing away food and is reusable many times over!

Phone Holder for Car: Where would we be without our phones these days? Since having phones in the car can be a little distracting, get a phone holder for in the car to help keep your receiver hands-free!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women

If you need stocking stuffer ideas for women, this is the section for you. There are lots of amazing women in our lives – all of whom deserve great gifts.

So, check out these stocking stuffer ideas for the wife or girlfriend or stuffer ideas for a mom!

Mom Life Coloring Book: Got a mom who loves to color and a good laugh? The Mom Life Coloring Book is the gift for her then. This adult coloring book is loaded with classic scenes from “mom life” that are begging to be colored in and enjoyed. It also makes a nice stress-reliever gift.

Jewelry Dish: If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer gift for someone who has a lot of jewelry – or hair accessories – a jewelry dish might be for them. We like this dish since it’s so easy to just place your jewelry in it at the end of the day without having to put everything into separate compartments.

Fuzzy Socks: Of course this stocking stuffer idea is not only for women but we really liked these colorful, fuzzy women socks. In our opinion, fuzzy socks are a great stocking stuffer idea for people who live in colder climates.

Change Purse: There’s nothing more functional than a change purse/wallet. Between all the cards we carry around – and the fact that loose change is still a thing in some people’s lives – a fashionable change purse is a great stocking stuffer idea.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

Some men are hard to buy for while some are easy to buy for! Whichever scenario you’re in, there are plenty of great stocking stuffer ideas for men out there.

From things they can eat to personal grooming products, check out some of these top stocking stuffers for guys.

Beard Growth Kit: For a man that either has a beard or is interested in trying to grow one, this beard growth kit might be the perfect stocking stuffer. It comes with beard oil, a comb, and much more, making it a useful kit for someone wanting to take good care of their facial hair.

Whiskey Stones: Ah yes, a classic set of whiskey stones. Know a guy who likes their whiskey cold but doesn’t like the dilution from the ice? Whiskey stones are the answer. Just put them in the freezer and then place them in your drink when needed. This way the booze stays cold and holds its flavor perfectly!

Hot Sauce Sample Set: Got a guy who likes things hot? Like spicy food hot? Then this hot sauce sampler set is the perfect stocking stuffer. Loaded with pre-made hot sauces from all over the world, this small set of sauces will make your man tear up… likely because of the chili peppers. (But also because he loves the gift).

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

There is definitely no shortage of ideas for kids’ stocking stuffers.

From things kids can eat to small games and toys, stocking stuffer ideas for kids are abundant! Below, you’ll find a nice little sample of stuffer ideas for kids’ stockings.

Rainbow Scratch Notes: If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for a creative child, these rainbow scratch notes might be perfect. They are quite small, making them fit into a stocking easily. They are great for the car or for trips since they can provide lots of entertainment without taking up too much space.

Hot Chocolate Spoons: Drinking hot chocolate can be much more fun when you get to melt your own chocolate into the milk. With these cute hot chocolate spoons you can do just that. We’ve received similar hot chocolate gifts in the past and they were always a highlight.

Cat’s Cradle Book: For a simple stocking stuffer that is sure to keep kids engaged and their hands busy, a Cat’s Cradle Book is perfect! Classic string games were always a hit growing up because there’s something timeless about them. Well, playing cat’s cradle is back this season!

Animal Magnets: Got a kid who loves animals? These cute animal magnets are the perfect stocking stuffer idea! Made from wood, these magnets are highly-detailed and come in a nice carrier box for easy organization. Before you know it, there will be animals stuck all over the place!

3D Pen: For the creative kid whose stocking needs stuffing, get them a 3D pen. This unique pen allows kids to create works of art and bring them to life off the paper. A 3D pen is definitely more affordable than a 3D printer – and the pen will fit in a stocking!

And there you have it – some of the best stocking stuffer ideas for this holiday season. Just remember who you are buying a stocking stuffer gift for as well as your budget and you’re likely to get a great gift or gifts for that stocking! Remember to stay safe when you shop this Christmas season!

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