19 Practical & Fun Gifts For The Baker In Your Life

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Great Gifts For The Baker You Know Are Here! 

If you need great gifts for someone who loves to bake, then you are in luck! From quirky baking gifts, funny baking gifts, and practical gifts for bakers, our list is loaded with ideas – including gifts for the baker who has everything!

We’ll call Lisa an amateur baker – she likes to bake when she gets the chance but would definitely be classified on the “novice” side! That said, even the simple food creators in your life like the cookie bakers appreciate a good baking gift!

So, to get started shopping for bakers, we’ve linked these gift ideas through to Amazon for easy browsing. Here are 19 gifts that’ll put the icing on the gift cake – pun totally intended.

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Things to Consider When Buying Gifts For The Baker

There are a few things you’ll want to consider before you start just buying gifts for bakers that you know. Here they are – in no particular order!

Price/Quality. Obviously, price can dictate quality of the product but this is not always the case. The best mixers are genuinely expensive – but they do the job right and are tried and tested so it’s worth the investment. As for cookie cutters, it doesn’t necessarily matter if you buy cheaper ones – as long as they don’t stick or break and are a shape your baker likes!

We have obviously separated the gifts in this post from cheapest to most expensive. This can help you get an idea of what kinds of baking gifts are generally what amount. Knowing this, you can piece together a gift set yourself or simply buy one thing to be a standalone gift.

Purpose. In baking, this is an important one. When you are buying a gift, think about whether it’s in the realm of what you baker does. This is will help determine it’s usefulness and therefore its purpose.

For example, is your baker exclusively a pro cake maker? Then maybe don’t buy cookie cutters as a first choice gift for them. See what we mean? Something like an apron or a recipe book, however, CAN be used by different bakers so gifts like these can be a great choice if you are unsure what kind of baker you are buying a gift for.

Affordable Gifts For The Baker

Baking lends itself well to buying smaller gifts. This is because there are just so many possible accessories that you can buy to help a baker perfect literally hundreds of different recipes and baking styles.

Baking cookies is going to require a different set of tools (read: gifts) than a pie, right? So figure out what your baker needs and buy something accordingly. You can even add a few small accessories to a larger gift!

Blue jug and white mixing bowls with eggs and whisk on wood
There are loads of simple, great gifts for the novice baker.

Mid-Range Gifts For The Baker

Mid-range gifts for the baker in your life are different from cheaper gifts. Usually, these gifts are a desired purchase that fits in well with their baking style and kitchen set up. Small gifts can be bought and used whenever, but larger gifts are usually pieces that allow bakers you know to take their baking to the next level.

These gifts also include the classic “upgrade” gift. This means, for example, that they already have a cheap baking sheet and you buy them a way better non-stick version, for example.

A few accessories can go a long way to perfecting the baker’s craft!

High-End Gifts For The Baker

Ah yes, the high-end gifts for bakers. These gifts are typically for the bakers who take their craft very seriously. The bakers who need the top-of-the-line accessory to do their job/hobby right.

The bakers who want to take their presentation to the next level. You know that baker? Then a top-level mixer or fancy cake stand might be for them. These gifts are handy because you only need one and then you are done.

Fancy cake on cakestand on table with hand putting sign into it
A cake stand can be the perfect gift for the serious baker you know.

And there you have it – 19 of the best gifts for the baker in your life that cover all the price ranges. In the end, you can’t go wrong with some of these gifts. A recipe book might not be used as often as a great mixer, but it will always find use sometime or another.

Usage is important – and makes for a good gift. If you end up buying for your baker, let us know what you bought and what they thought.. we’re curious!

As always, Stay Curious,

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