19 Gifts For Frugal People That They Will Love

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Some of the Best Gifts for Frugal People Are Right Here!

These days, frugal living is making a big push. A “down to earth” lifestyle of less waste, less consumption, and a better footprint is definitely something we can all strive for. This can make gift giving for frugal people a real challenge!

We should know – we’ve certainly gotten more frugal over the past two years. We’ve loved sharing our tips for frugal living and now we want to pass along gift ideas. Living frugally doesn’t have to mean NOT giving gifts – it just means giving the RIGHT gifts!

So, whether you are looking for thrifty Christmas gifts or just gifts for other occasions, here are great frugal gift ideas for a man, a woman, or just people who claim they don’t need anything!

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Things to Consider When Buying Gifts For Frugal People

If you are buying gifts for frugal people in your life, there are a few things that you will want to consider. This should guide your buying process and mindset.

Firstly, think about your person – who they are, how they live, and what is important to them (both interests and lifestyle-wise). Then think about the gift idea: Is it useful and will it allow them to save money/time in the future?

Another thing to consider when gifting for frugal people is quality. Generally, quality matters to frugal people because the longer something lasts the less likely they are to have to get/buy a new one. Some of the best clothing items are the ones we’ve had for YEARS and are still holding up strong.

Finally, the overall question you should be asking is: is it practical? If the gift idea serves a practical purpose for the receiver, then you might have a good frugal gift idea!

Affordable Gifts For Frugal People

Bookshelf full of old book covers
There’s always good books to read…

Now that we have discussed things to consider – let’s dive into some great frugal gift ideas. These first gifts are definitely on the cheaper/inexpensive side – but remember cost doesn’t necessarily reflect quality or purpose!

These gifts make great “add-on” items to a larger gift – or you can bundle a bunch of them together to create one complete frugal gift pack!

Mid-Range Gifts For Frugal People

Person holding french press coffee maker and pouring coffee into mug gifts for frugal people
Coffee – done without the mess and the extra waste!

Moving on to the mid-range gifts for frugal people, these are the gifts that can be standalone items or can be linked to another gift of the same category/purpose. Many of these gifts focus on reducing overall waste because they can be used again and again!

High-End Gifts For Frugal People

Woman sitting in front of sewing machine with fabrics next to it frugal gifts
A sewing machine can be a great gift for frugal people (if they don’t have one yet)!

Finally, we come to the more pricey gifts for frugal people. These gifts are more around creating value in the frugal person’s life. They are practical, useful, and make great gifts by themselves if they meet the needs of your recipient!

And there you have it – some great ideas for gifts for frugal people! In the end, there are lots of great ideas for gifts. You might even get a bit of inspiration just from reading this guide! What do you think of these ideas? Get in touch and let us know!

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Gift Ideas For Frugal People