18 Useful Gifts For People With Anxiety

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Great Gifts for People With Anxiety? Worry No More!

Anxiety: it sucks. That’s a given – and we aren’t ones to shy away from talking about mental health. So, how do you care for someone with anxiety? By providing them with things that will help them cope and build up resilience. Aside from great mantras for anxiety, there are some great gifts/products that can make life easier for an anxious guy or girl!

Often times, anxiety and depression go hand in hand. We have a bit of experience in this department. However, this means that the right gift can help to calm, focus, and lift your person and have a significant impact on their daily life.

So, whether you’re looking to build the perfect anxiety gift basket or are just looking for some useful gifts, here are our gift ideas for those who worry!

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Things to Consider When Buying Gifts For People With Anxiety

When you are buying gifts for people with anxiety, there are a few things that you will want to consider. It’s pretty important to get these kinds of gifts right or else you could end up doing more harm than good!

The first thing you want to consider is the person you are buying for – we mean their personality, likes, dislikes, triggers, etc. Knowing these things will help set you on the right path towards finding a gift that works well for them.

Another thing to consider is usage and function. Will your receiver actually use the thing you are buying? Often times, having a gift that is not completely useful to a person with anxiety might cause them more anxiety if it sits around unused OR if they feel they are letting you down by not loving the gift.

A final thing to think about is the budget. Since gifts can come in all price ranges, you should assign a budget beforehand and stick to it. This will help you keep the options more focused on realistic gift options as you make your buying decisions.

Affordable Gifts For People With Anxiety

Woman's hand holding a blue pencil and coloring
Coloring has a profound effect on the mind – try it!

Just because gifts are cheap, doesn’t mean they are useless or not as good. Often, the cheapest gifts can make the biggest difference to an anxious mind.

Below are some incredibly cheap gifts ideas – you can add them to larger gifts or feel free to package a bunch together to create an “anxiety relief basket” of sorts!

Mid-Range Gifts For People With Anxiety

Scented oil in brown bottle with blue lavender laying next to it
Oils are a great choice for DIY calming sessions.

The mid-range gifts are more the ones where you know the person really well and you know that a specific item would fit into their life/ routine.

Below are some examples of mid-range price gifts you could consider. Again, only buy them if you have an idea that they will serve a purpose for your receiver!

High-End Gifts For People With Anxiety

Woman doing yoga pose on black mat in front of white wall
Yoga is a great gift that you can give!

And here we are talking about the more high-end gifts on the list. These are certainly ones that you will want to make sure that they will get used before you buy… ideally, without ruining the surprise.

The last one is actually free – but it’s super important for this list so we added it in! Have a look!

Yoga Course

If you want to get your person something more active that they can use over a period of time, why not gift them a yoga course and some gear? Yoga is one great way that people with anxiety can find relief from their over-active minds.

We've actually written a bit about the importance of yoga - so think about that as a potential gift idea. You can always gift them a yoga mat and water bottle to get them started if they are the kind of person who is on the fence about trying yoga!

Your Time

Last but not least, your time is probably the most valuable thing you can give to someone with anxiety. Just being present and being an ear to listen can have profoundly positive effects on people who suffer from anxiety. Often times, venting to someone (regardless of what's on the mind) and getting it out can be very therapeutic and helpful overall!

And there you have it – 18 useful gifts for someone with anxiety. Of course, there are more ideas out there but these are some of the ones that we really like. Just remember – keep you person in mind when you buy and you probably can’t go wrong! If you are unsure, just ask!

As always, Stay Curious,

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Useful gifts for people with anxiety