Festive New Year’s Eve Party Supplies That You Can Buy Online

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Looking for New Year’s Eve party supplies? Let’s Get Festive!

From classy New Year’s Eve decorations to New Year’s Eve party hats, there are so many different party supplies to ring in the New Year. New Year’s Eve party supplies for 2019 are in hot demand this year – mainly because people can’t wait to be done with 2018!

This year, we don’t know what our New Year’s Eve plans are as of yet – there is a party on the horizon but it could also be spent with family at the cottage in the snow. We’ll decide closer to the date! That said, for those of you throwing a huge New Year’s bash or a small festive gathering, you are going to need some New Year’s Eve decorations and decoration ideas.

So, whether you need a few hats or New Year’s Eve party kits for 100 or more, check out these great ideas for classic decorations, great food and drink decor, and fun party items to wear and take photos with! Oh, and don’t forget to set those New Year’s resolution ideas!

Things to Consider When Buying New Year’s Eve Party Supplies

Before you start buying decor pieces, there are a few buying factors that you might want to consider. Here they are below!

Style/Color. Admittedly, there are plenty of color palettes you could go with but the most classic for New Year’s theme colors are black and white, gold and silver. As for the style/theme, you can choose to decorate with one type of material – like all paper or all plastic or all glittery-based decor or choose to mix it up. It’s your party so you do you!

Indoor/Outdoor. Obviously, whether these decor items will be indoors or outdoors and what they are made of should be a consideration. Anything hanging outside where it could get wet/snowy should be plastic and paper would generally be inside.

We’re not sure why you’d be outside on New Year’s other then if you are having a winter party with everyone in parkas OR you live where it’s warm! In the case of the latter, lucky you!

Price. Price should dictate what you buy considering many of these New Year’s decorations (sadly) just get tossed away. Set a budget for decorations per guest and stick to it!

Recyclable. Ideally, what you use for these awesome holiday parties are reusable. Plastic cutlery and plates are certainly washable and usable again. You should consider getting things without the date on them so that you can simply reuse them for the year after. This is a great way to reduce waste and get more than one use out of some great party supplies.

The Top New Year’s Eve Party Supplies for 2019

Okay, here we go with a few of the best New Year’s Eve party supplies that we could find. Some are classy, some are fun, some are a twist on a classic, we’ll let you decide below!

Gold Plastic Place Settings

One of the most important decorative tasks is getting the food/drink decor in order. This can be challenging since things are hard to buy in bulk AND have them all be matching. Luckily, this plastic place setting is perfect. The gold and white are super elegant and you get all the items your guest needs throughout the evening. Don’t be afraid to wash them and reuse them the year after since they aren’t just paper!

Festive Party Kit for 25

Want to get a large group of people into the festive evening? Slap a hat on them and give them a noisemaker – guaranteed they will dive right into the night! This party pack is perfect for those medium/larger gatherings you might be hosting. Offering both hats and headbands means that people can choose what they want to wear on their heads!

If you need party supplies for 100 or more, check out these amazingly simple party kits with hats, noise makers, headbands, and more!

Gold Foil Fringe Curtain

No New Year’s Eve party would be complete without a CLASSIC gold backdrop to take photos in-front of! This gold  foil curtain does just that! You would pair this curtain with some of the props below so that you have a “New Year’s Eve photo booth” for those memorable photos guest can take home… or should we say Instagram photos because it’s 2019 and let’s face it everyone broadcasts their lives on that platform now.

Festive Metallic Party Beads

If you want to keep the decor you give your guests a bit more modest, a few plastic beads might be the answer. Coming in both gold and silver, these bead necklaces are a fun way to “class it up” a bit while remaining pretty simple with your overall outfit. These can also be used year after year since the colors don’t go out of style!

Photo Booth Props

If you are planning to do one of those New Year’s-inspired photo booths like we mentioned above, these are the props you would need for it. From hats to drink glasses to funny phrases, there is no stopping your guests’ creativity and them taking some silly photos all night. You can also buy a classic Polaroid/instant camera for instant photos people can see and take with them!

Paper Party Lanterns

If you want to go the paper route when it comes to your ceiling and wall decor, these colored paper lanterns are perfect for creating a great vibe in your main party room. The colors are simple and classy meaning they go with loads of other party supplies you might end up getting!

2019 Gold Party Balloons

We’re a big fan of balloons because we’re childish like that so naturally a 2019 balloon or a “giant bottle of champagne” balloon is a hilarious New Year’s Eve party supply item for us. That said, they are one-time usage so do consider that before you buy! They are great to photograph with, we have to admit, though.

Hanging Swirl Party Decor

We REALLY like these because it allows you to decorate the ceiling – which is a space that is hard to do properly. The colors are on point for the night and they come with a whole bunch of different designs for you to put up and for your guests to enjoy! These are also totally reusable – except for the ones that say “2019” but that’s not a huge deal.

Gold Plastic Champagne Party Flutes

If you are looking to get classy with your guests or small group of friends, why not offer them a nice looking gold champagne flute to drink their bubbly from? The nice thing about these is that that are plastic so they can be used again AND you have no worries about them breaking into pieces if someone gets a little too tipsy throughout the evening! So many problems solved by these awesome glasses.

Real Glitter Simple NYE Banner

If you are into keeping it simple, a stringed banner is the way to go. This message can be reused and hung basically anywhere you have access to hooks, tacks, or otherwise. The sign is light given the material so it shouldn’t be too difficult to do. It’s a small but simple party supply!

Festive New Year’s Glasses

Want to get everyone into the festive spirit? A classic set of New Year’s glasses is sure to do the trick. The nice thing about these ones is that since they have no date on them, you could reuse them if people leave them behind which creates a ton less waste. Just something to think about!

And there you have it – some of the best New Year’s Eve decor items for your perfect evening. There are so many different things that you COULD buy so we understand if it’s overwhelming. But, put it this way: stick to your style and budget and you’ll be just fine. People are happy with whatever you give them, from a hat to a pair of crazy “2019” party glasses. New Year’s has a way of bringing out the silly/fun side in everyone!

As always, Stay Curious,

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