19 Practical & Fun Gifts For The Baker In Your Life

Decorated cookies on white plate on wood table with cookie cutters aroud it gift for bakers

Great Gifts For The Baker You Know Are Here!  If you need great gifts for someone who loves to bake, then you are in luck! From quirky baking gifts, funny baking gifts, and practical gifts for bakers, our list is loaded

13 Great Gifts For Tea Drinkers In Your Life

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Great Gifts For Tea Lovers are Just an Infuser Away!  If you need a great gift for the tea lover in your life, we know how difficult that can be. Often times, tea drinkers HAVE everything they need to make great

9 Fall Drinks You Have To Try This Season

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Amazing Fall Drinks are Just a Recipe Away! Fall is a great season to enjoy time with friends, the cooler weather, pretty colors, and – of course – fall drinks! Whether you like warm fall drinks or classic fall cocktails,

8 Inspiring Self-Help Books You Need To Read

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Self-Help Books Never Go Out of Style – Here are 8 Amazing Ones! Whether you are looking to get motivated or make a major life shift, self-help books can help you achieve it. Self-help books are great because there is

7 Minimalist Design Tips For Creating Your Dream Home

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Some Key Minimalist Design Tips For Your Space! When it comes to minimalist design principles, there are lots of places to turn to! Here at Board and Life, we’re definitely trying to have a warm minimalist decor in our flat.

5 Of The Best Hot Chocolate Recipes To Stay Super Cozy

mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows and cinnamon best recipes

Are These the Best Hot Chocolate Recipes? Time to Find Out! Full Disclosure: We love hot chocolate. Bruce grew up with cold winters and Lisa just loves chocolate. Together, we consume a fair bit of hot chocolate while lounging comfortably