7 Valuable Tips For Living In The Present

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These Tips Have Helped Us On Our “Living In The Present” Journey It is normal to think about the past or daydream about the future every once in a while. But it is when you are constantly consumed by these

How To Reduce Plastic Waste At Home: 9 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now

Wooden utensils reusable water bottle coffee mug and grocery bag how to reduce plastic waste at home

How To Reduce Plastic Waste At Home – Our Tips Admittedly, going zero waste right away can be quite difficult and it is something that we haven’t quite achieved yet. A “plastic free environment” is difficult to achieve in this day and age given the overall reliance on plastic

How Being A Yes Person Has Shaped My Life

man jumping off cliff into water being a yes person

Being A Yes Person Is The Best Mentality I’ve Ever Followed. “What is a yes person?” I found myself asking this question a few years ago – and now I know the answer. This is Bruce writing this blog post,

7 Language Learning Tips To Learn A New Language Quickly

Man with backpack and coffee cup with city houses in background language learning tips

Here Are Some Language Learning Tips That Have Helped Us A Lot! Learning a new language can be difficult – especially if it is the first foreign language you’re trying to learn. We have both been through it. Lisa, for example,

5 Delicious Tea Flavors That We Love To Drink

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These Are Our Favorite Tea Flavors! Let’s be serious for a moment – we’re a dual-love household. You see, we love coffee BUT we also really love tea. And there are so many types of tea flavors out there –

Why We Are Eating Salad Everyday For Lunch

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We Love Eating Salad Everyday – and We Think You Can, Too! Let’s get this out of the way right off the start: we eat a big salad for lunch basically everyday, and we’ve been doing it for approximately a