5 Tips To Drink More Water You Can Implement Super Easily

Woman holding water bottle with cucumber slices tips to drink more water

Here Are Our Best Tips To Drink More Water! If you’re wondering how to drink more water when you don’t like it – you are not alone! Don’t think you are unable to drink water – because our bodies are mostly water. There

30 Of The Realest Rap Quotes About Life

microphone with black background rap quotes about life

Our Music Knowledge Brings You Rap Quotes About Life. For us at Board and Life, music is life. We love all kinds of music genres and pride ourselves in recognizing raw talent when we see it. Enter hip-hop. Sometimes, rappers

13 Geometric Decor Pieces That Are Super Trendy

black metal terrarium on table with light behind geometric decor pieces

Up Your Geometric Decor Game With These Inspirations! Adding to your decor game can always be a challenge. That said, geometric decor pieces can be a game changer. There is no shortage of geometric decor ideas out there. The challenge